Twin Hype?

i haven't seen Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen yet, but a lot of noise amongst my Twitter peers has been brought up about Skids and Mudflap, "The Twins" who reportedly call up mad stereotypical/racist references, similar to Phantom Menace's much-maligned Jar-Jar. i'm sure i'll have an opinion once i see the movie, but i'm curious... what do you guys think? have you seen it? was it harmless, or offensive? both?
get at me.


Goldi gold said...

I haven't seen it myself. But I saw the clip during the previews and heard the voice over and just shook my head. They had article where they said one of them had a gold tooth. lawwwddd

kiss my black ads said...

I haven't seen it yet either, but they did this sh*t before with the "jazz" "hip hop" character who was the first to die in the last movie. They seem to have a little trend going.

B_Steelo said...

same as it ever was...

bigShane said...

they ain't autobots... there decepticoons! LOL
i couldn't resist... don't write angry letters niggas, i'm black! LOL!

Marcus McElhaney said...

I saw it! Thanks for bringing up the controversy about the Twins. Here is my review: My Review

samax said...

thanks for the review. i still haven't seen it yet, but i'm looking to catch it soon!

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