A Michael Jackson Tribute I can relate to...

Drawing Michael Jackson's Thriller Tribute by DatBoiDrew
now here's an MJ tribute i can relate to... Drew is a budding comicbook artrepreneur who does these cool tutorials. this time he backed that joint with MJ's Thriller, so it's a win-win! PEEP it!


Smith-Kirnon Properties said...

DatboiDrew is a monster. One of the best tributes to MJ I've seen done. THRILLING!

andrew said...

Thanks for the support.
Let me know how I can return the favor!


samax said...

not really a big deal. it's what we do around here... however, if you wanna send books to review to:

PO BOX 550
Anna, TX 75409

we wont be mad at you...

clnmike said...


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