Forgive Our Dust...

things are heating up around these parts! i'm getting a lotta freelance work, but my peoples (the mighty ghostWerks crew) been stepping up to help get the magazine together... there's a big comicbook convention here in Dallas next month we're preparing for, so i'll have new prints for that (hopefully including a new piece based on this sketch i just drew a few minutes ago). and did i mention that dude Steelo did a brand spanking new ghettoManga logo redesign that will blow your mind? well, he did. stay tuned...


RodBuddah said...

Looking at this piece, one word sums it up perfect:


Another NEXT 100 winner, man!

Oh yeah, I've gotten emails from Spain, Germany, and Australia over that BIG BUZZ piece! Your exposure is about to pick up;)

Goldi gold said...

get'em fam!!!!!

Killer ZEES said...

That sketch is awesome! Make it your background!! I can't wait to see the logo.

samax said...

thanks, you guys (and Rod, great news about the expanding audience... isn't the internet awesome?). you won't have to wait long to see what i do with this sketch... you'll see the new logo even sooner (heh, heh)!

Empath said...


EzekielRawlins said...

That sketch is amazing!

samax said...

thanks Ezekiel!

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