Blakroc Project from Myrhax on Vimeo.
MOS DEF, RZA, RAEKWON, JIM JONES, Q-TIP, PHAROAHE MONCH, and more all on ONE RECORD, in stores Nov 27? where do i sign?!?! watch this video and ball up in the fetal position until the Blakroc Project drops!


SmoovArt said...

Sounds like a new genre of hip hop. Got a blues vibe. Which would seem only right. Given the history of both blues and hip hop. Done right the two should come together nice.

The vibe reminds me of a paper I wrote for a sociology class, about the blues and hip hop. They come from the same elements and have the same soul. I got an A+. My professor loved it

It will be interesting to hear the two come together and MOS DEF and PHAROAHE MONCH are perfect for a project like this

B_Steelo said...

Nice! This reminds me of Brand New Heavies: Heavy Rhymin'.

samax said...

yeah, i don't know HOW to express my excitement about this! Dame gets a freakin' GOLD STAR!

SmoovArt: i'd LOVE to read that paper! if you still have it, email it to me!

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