Storm Warnings...

this drawing of Storm from the X-men is one of the pieces I'm hanging at the Janette Kennedy Gallery today as part of  Underground: Dallas' Hidden Talents, the show I'm participating in courtesy of the fine folks of Prints will be available at the show, and at Dallas Comicon, which I will also be set up at that same weekend (because I'm insane in the membrane), longside my man Corance of the mighty GhostWerks crew. Anyways, I have been wanting to draw another Storm piece for a minute, and this show gave me the perfect excuse! hope y'all like it!


Corance said...

That's how it's supposed to be!!!

bigkuntree said...


samax said...


Robert Trujillo/Tres said...


samax said...

thanks, Tres!


Samax drops another sweet one.

samax said...

thanks, cousin! much appreciated!

Empath said...

Pretty good man. Love the airy feel of it.

Arkonbey said...

Very sweet. A white costume is so much more 'Storm' than the classic one; she's a creature of the air and light.

I really like how you separated the white of the hair from the cloak by using the cloak's shadow to define the shape of the hair.

I also dig the bare feet, this also speaks to her being a creature of the air (like Excalibur's Megan).

The overall composition is very nice too, as she has a solidity as well as a lightness.

That said, I'm not sold on the painted toenails (at least not red) and I keep wanting the earrings to be gold (as would fit a former queen)

Damned shame, what with copyright law, that you can't sell prints of this. I'd start saving my pennies.

samax said...

Arkonbey- great critique! You're probably right about the earrings. i considered gold, but it didn't go with her outfit. Maybe I'll add some bracelets and/or anklets... she is a queen (of Wakanda now), so money ain't a thang!

I've always seen Storm as more of an elemental than she has typically been portrayed (i.e. Swamp Thing, Typhoon, Ostrander and Mandrake's Firestorm, etc) and i try to represent that in my drawings (hence the cloud-like hair). I pretty much always draw that sort of character barefoot, and with as little clothing as possible(in her first appearance, Storm was actually topless).

Storm can't run around in the buff, since she's a leader and a public figure (although i think she would when she was at home)

as for selling prints: DAMN THE LAW! LOL! I already sell fan art prints and commissions of Marvel, DC and other publishers' characters, and include them in my sketchbooks that I sell. I expect to sell multiple copies of this at the shows i'm attending, as well as Spider-man, Batman, Superman, and other characters.

I balance fan art with my own characters and lots of non-comic-related art, and try not to be all HEY LOOK, I DREW SPIDERMAN at cons. that said, fans really enjoy seeing how i draw the characters, and every major artist i know does at least some fan art.

If any copyright holders ask me to stop selling drawings of their characters I would, but until then I'm not worried about it.

Dazjae said...

She's gorgeous. Blessings 'pon your showing, Sir Amen ^_^

Shine on

samax said...

thanks Dazjae!

Vee (Scratch) said...

I feel the style you added on the side of her head.

samax said...

word. a tip of the hat to the frohawk she rocked during her time as X-men team leader (ah, the glory days...).

I always wanted them to draw her wearing braids. I think Carlos Pacheco tried it when he was drawing X-men.

African women do the best and most elaborate braiding i've ever seen... figured Storm would rock the braided frohawk...

Corance said...

I completely agree. White cornrows leading into cloud-like dreads; that's the Storm I want to see.

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