this dude Inspires me...

One of inspirations right now is that dude D-Pi, aka Ron Wimberly (Sentences, Gratuitous Ninja). Here's a story called The Beautiful Ones that he drew for a french project. I think he intends to re-release this in the U.S. later, but I'm not sure when or what the context would be... for now, feast on the skills...

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Mr. Hawthorne said...

Ron is the shit. His work is fucking inspirational.


samax said...

yeah... headshakingly good...

Arkonbey said...

That is awesome. The figures are so exaggerated, but so natural at the same time. And the colors! The current crop of Photoshoppers should learn from that.

samax said...

D-pi's a whirlwind of technique... i love his stuff!

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