Ski Beatz is taking you to SCHOOL!

I'm just about as excited as possible about the upcoming Ski Beatz mixtape 24 Hour Karate School... as much as I've been about any record in a while. You may have already heard this track, but yo, it's got Jean Grae, Mos Def, Jay Electronica, and Joell Ortiz on it... Listen to it again!



Mr. Hawthorne said...


I will give you one million american dollars if you give us a link to an MP3 of this!


PS - Sike

samax said...

LOL! I'll see what I can do!

samax said...


Corance said...

This reminds me of back in the day when the crew jam was the one everybody was checking for. Dope emcees roll with dope emcees.

samax said...

right. That's what you hope for! When dope rhymers roll with yes-men, they start sliding...

Mr. Hawthorne said...


BTW - Do you accept WIC checks?


samax said...

of course! this is "ghetto" manga, remember?!

Corance said...

Ya'll crazy! LOL

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