Robophobic #18- It's all happening...

Robots that look exactly like humans? If your name's Sara Conner, I'd suggest an unlisted number, but that's just me...

Be honest. You couldn't distinguish this robot from a human to save your life could you? You're probably thinking "yeah, but dogs are good at spotting Terminators"... The machines have seen the Terminator films and learned from their mistakes. This time, they will replace the dogs first!
Welcome to the future...



Arkonbey said...

Again, the question is "Why". Why do very smart people think there is a need to work on things like this?

We need to find ways to mitigate pollution, fix "oxygen dead zones" in the ocean and find low-/zero-emission alternative energies among other things and these people are making very complex things with no apparent purpose other than to 1) freak people out 2) bring about the extinction of humanity from the rise of the machines.

I guess there's a difference between being knowledgeable and being intelligent.

samax said...

"Why do very smart people think there is a need to work on things like this?"

riiiiight... I agree 100%
answer: because they are dorks.

Empath said...

I too am a robophobe especially after IBM's Watson. This takes it to another level.

samax said...


Mr. Hawthorne said...

The scarey part is that he looks like a run of the mill middle aged guy. At least if a guy looking like Arnold walked knocked at the door I'd be like "Oh shit, it's a big honkey!". But this dude?! I'd open the door for this nerd and offer him a drink,then SNAP... goes me neck.

So much more cunning than the Terminators in the movie!


samax amen said...

f*cking robots, man...

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