Start the day off Right w/ Wise Intelligent (of PRT)

If I'm on your Facebook feed, you already either listened to this or ignored it several times, so what's one more right? peep...

So you pro'lly know Kanye and Jay-z have a new collabo album out... if you've been hanging around here much, you know I ain't tryin'a play that joint, but I figured this was a good time to drop this video Illuminati by the mighty Wise Intelligent (former front man for the venerable Jersey rap crew Poor Righteous Teachers), since he addresses the constant rumors that Jay and Kanye are in some kind of mind-control cult backed by the Illuminati.
"This is irrelevant subjects. Call it celebrity gossip. You're taking it out of the context, of Lucifer's pertinent subjects..."
Wise takes the focus off the shiny objects represented by these rappers and puts the focus on eyebrow-raising happenings in global politics. Changing the channel off a rap video doesn't stop the widening of the gap between rich and poor or the systematic reduction of opportunities you can see everywhere (if you're looking)
People dismiss any reference to the idea of what we call "the Illuminati" under the pejorative term "conspiracy theory"... as if the concept of powerful individuals and organization colluding to control the movements of power, money, and groups of people is somehow inherently controversial. Huh...
anyways, have a nice day!


Mr.Ron1 said...

good look man. I needed that.

samax said...

I hear you...

Jamar said...


samax said...

"I take my time, just before I manifest a rhyme. Sharp and accurate to stop the music on a dime..."

samax said...

(and I believe Culture Freedom is the one who took the apple pie...)

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