IN STORES NOW: Batwing #4

I've been hearing really good things about Batwing, which chronicles  the adventures of the so-called African Batman. Peep this preview of issue #4 by Judd Winnick, ChrisCross, and Ryan Winn...
Here's the Sales Pitch:
As Massacre's bloody reign of murder continues and more heroes fall, Batwing closes in on this mad villain. But with his memories stirring, Batwing's dark past begins to emerge... At last, the truth of his past will come to light.

I think this is ChrisCross's first issue on pencils, so that's a plus. I definitely plan on copping the trade for this book when it drops, but Batwing #4 is in stores now.


@DwainIBe said...

Love this book...don't know if ChrisCross's style fits Batwing but I'm always glad when he gets work.

samax said...

yeah, I really liked the previous artist's painterly style. I wish they would put ChrisCross on Black Panther...

Joe Woods said...

Batwing is real good, but the lead up makes you think Massacre is his brother.

samax amen said...

Thanks for dropping by, Joe! Yeah, I am hearing nothing but good things about Batwing. Looking forward to copping the trade... or maybe now that I have a tablet, I'll cop some digital issues.

we'll see...

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