Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore BOTH drew covers for their new "Ghost Rider" debut

 So we are pretty psyched for the new Ghost Rider comic written by the mighty Felipe Smith, but we aint forgot he's got mad drawing chops, too! He pulled out a new style for this variant cover, and it looks pretty dope. For more fire, peep the regular cover by series artist Tradd Moore (Luther Strode) below...

Order your copy of BLACK COMIX now and get $20 OFF the cover price!

Ring the alarm! I just got new copies of Black Comix in today, just in time for Black Friday! Buuuut I can't wait, so I'm offering $20 OFF, cause that's how I roll!

#nowPlaying "Just Let It Go" by @teknique45 and Lejend #nerdcore

I met nerdcore emcee/beatmaker Tekforce at the Listening party for Sivion's album last month. Cool cat. Even though he went to the Jean Grae show and I didn't, I am posting a couple of his songs to show how much I am not hating. Cause... I'm totally not hating.

This dude ANDREW HUERTA is SICK with the pen... SICK, I SAY!!!

Because I am obviously a glutton for punishment, I took on the task of being a moderator of a Luke Cage fan art group on DeviantArt, and as a result, ran across this ill drawing by Andrew Huerta (Jinnrise, Pathfinder). Dude is insanely dope! Peep some art below, fam...

FOOD ONE is TAKING OVER LOS ANGELES this week!!!! (((airhorn)))

If you've found yourself with a case of the Mondays, I figure some random art from the mighty FOOD ONE (his momma named him Jim Mahfood) should lift your spirits. My Los Angelinos should be especially festive, because FOOD ONE's VISUAL FUNK WEEK is in full mother-fucking efFIZZect in your area! Here's an itinerary (that's just a list of places and dates, fools) and some more art below...

New cover. New title. STILL the BEST SUPER HERO NOVEL I have ever read! #begBorrowSteal

David Walker (BadAzz Mofo, Blind Monkey Style) has written the best super hero story I've read in a long time, and did it without needing to lean on a superstar artist. If you want to read a decent superhero genre novel, there are lots of choices out there. If you want a GREAT superhero novel, buy Super Justice Force (The Adventures of Darius Logan) now.

*Shrug* I'd watch it...

I'm obviously a big fan of indie comic book dude and filmmaker Yehudi Mercado (Buffalo Speedway, Pantalones, TX), so that explains why I'm already in line to watch/read whatever Hero Hotel is gonna be.  Watch this youtube trailer and I'll hold a spot for you in line...

#nowPlaying "How You Spit?" by Skeezo f/ Napoleon Da Legend

First of all, this artwork is the bomb. Okay, having gotten that outta the way, I can direct your attention to How You Spit? by Skeezo, featuring a nice verse by Napoleon Da Legend...

Will Richey, David Rodriguez and the DaVerse Lounge crew rock TEDx SMU

Spoken word artist Will Richey brought some representatives of the spoken word/art experience that is DaVerse Lounge to TEDxSMU and burned the house down...

MISTY KNIGHT is looking good in this DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS preview!

Amanda Connor and Paul Mounts KILT this cover to Daredevil: Dark Nights #6 which features Matt Murdoch side-by-side with my homegirl Misty Knight! The interiors aren't bad, either...

"Jamar Nicholas: World Building" Exhibit Opening at Arcadia University

Here's some video from a panel at the opening reception for my man Jamar's one man show Jamar Nicholas: World Building at Arcadia University in Philly. Alongside veteran cartoonist Mike Manley (Darkhawk, Black Panther, Draw! Magazine, Judge Parker), Jamar gets into the importance of world building for all kinds of storytelling, and specifically comics...

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