The wait is OVER! #BrothermanRevelation is HERE!

Brotherman: Revelation, the long-awaited Year One-style prequel to the black comix classic Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline is on the streets! You might not think this is a big deal... "So some black dudes made a comic about a black dude who fights crime and shit. Who cares?"

Don't be stupid! This is a huge fucking deal! 

Like seminal works Akira, Dark Knight Returns, and Watchmen before it, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline is a transformational piece of graphic storytelling that blew a whole in the comics underground, unshackling a generation of creators of color from the low expectations of the past.  The ripples of Big City Comics' humble self-published black and white opus are still being felt in the comics industry and beyond.

In Brotherman, brothers Dawud Anyabwile and Guy Sims created a classic work and built their own distribution network, shaking the foundations of the industry for good measure. Now, the Big City team is back with a full-color prequel that details the evolution of a young Antonio Valor into the almighty Dictator of Discipline. 
If you slept, no worries. You can order the original and the new shit in one shot. Do I need to tell you this is a perfect time to jump on and get down with this? No, I don't.  I'm broke right now, so I don't have money to order it, but why should you suffer the same sorry fate? YOU SHOULDN'T!

CLICK HERE to order your copy right of Brotherman: Revelations right now!
As for me, when I get my hands on it, I'll give you more first-hand details...

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