You had me at "Red Sonja and the Nubile Barbarians"...

I come close to posting about Red Sonja all the time, but stop short of doing it, but this banger from Dynamite's Red Sonja 1973 has a sista with a fro holding a sword nonchalantly, so... yeah

You like badass chicks, right? Check out @BOOMstudios' punk-rock Trade Paperback CURB STOMP!

Before I forget, here's a preview of that Curb Stomp trade paperback BOOM! is dropping this week...

Okay... I'm fiending for Robert Love's upcoming @DarkHorseComics book CHILDREN OF THE PLAGUE!

 That dude Robert Love (Chocolate Thunder, Blind Monkey Style, Number 13) is at it again. This time he's getting all post- apocalyptic on your ass in his upcoming Dark Horse comic book Children of the Plague. I couldn't find any real info on the series, so here is a small sample of random shits I culled from Robert's Facebook photos...

#MusicToDrawTo "Beat Reel 33" by @th3oryhazit, and some love for the mighty Richard Pryor (rip)

Theory Hazit is one of my favorite young emcees, but it's easy to forget he makes beats as well.  On Beat Reel 33, Hazit passes the mic to late, great stand up philosopher Richard  Pryor.

The wait is OVER! #BrothermanRevelation is HERE!

Fuck it! I'm in a mood for some ODB...

I'm a positive black man.  I don't want any trouble.  But life is fucking with me right now, and I don't appreciate that shit. Therefore, in the interest of not putting my foot in someone's ass, I'ma listen to some ODB.  Feel free to join me.  Just check yourself, 'lest you wreck yourself...

5 comic book artists I would PAY to work on their OWN comics

Everyone has been fantasizing about what they would do if they won the Powerball, which was over a billion dollars until a handful of people won it last week. Of course, I would put money into perfecting my self-publishing machine, but I would also devote a good portion of it to invest in comic book artists who create comics I want to read, but that I probably won't get to read because artists either have day jobs, or wind up getting sidetracked into working on projects for other people.  Eff what you heard! The only thing missing from the black comix underground is money! And if I had the money, I'd put it where my mouth is. Here's five easy bets...

"Is @DavidBanner Muslim or Christian? IT DOESN'T MATTER MOTHAFUCKA Cause I'm BACK on a mission!"

There are Fantastic Four and Masters of the Universe references, a dope Malcolm X sample, and a whole shitload of knowledge spit over a  grinding Gensu Dean beat in this new David Banner video The Cross. So you know I'm LOVING it...

A Handy Dandy Guide for our friends in Open Carry States

Open Carry by
This one-page comic by the Houston-based cartoonist had me dying so I had to share it.  I am not in favor of the upgrade from Concealed Weapons permits to Open Carry laws, which allow people to proudly rock their shootin' irons in public, but I am not really alarmed by them, either...

All Hail the MurFuggin QUEEN!

Like everybody else here in the Dallas hip hop constituency, we at GhettoManga have nothing but respect for the feminine authority of our homegrown empress, the mighty Erykah Badu. So we bet she is laughing the loudest at this hilarious video by hip hop humorist Crank Lucas. At least, we HOPE she is... because WE are definitely dying over here...

#np "NEW YORK RAP" by DLP f/ Napoleon Da Legend, Fred the Godson, Dro Pesci

"Fuck pursuit of happiness; 
we pursuing the next dollar."
-Napoleon Da Legend
 * Napoleon always brings you that knowledge:
The 'founding fathers' knew 'the pursuit of happiness' was flimsy, so the Constitution verbiage dropped it in favor of "Life, Liberty, and Property". Anyways...

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