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#KickstartThis Furquan's First Flat Top by @RobertTrujillo

Our friend Robert TRES Trujillo is ready to publish his bilingual children's picture book Furquan's First Flat Top, and has just started a Kickstarter campaign to cover the expenses! Check it out!

Our friend @RobertTRES Trujillo supplies RadDad cover art!

Massive shout out to that dude Robert TRES Trujillo, whose art graces the cover of the new issue of RAD DAD!

La Pena Second Skin Mural Project

My good friend Robert Trujillo and the rest of the Trust Your Struggle Collective are participating in a very special community art project to remove and replace an historic mural at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkley, California.

Start the YEAR off Right w/LyricsBorn, DEL & Pigeon John

Happy New Year, fammo! For my particular brand of rap nerd, Lyrics Born, Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator and Pigeon John would make the illest rap supergroup EVER...

Like Sunday Morning...

If I was a rapper, r&b or gospel singer, I would steal beats from this dude B. Lewis and make a bangin' ass dude Zees Moreno put me on to this dude, and all I can say is he sure knows his way around the boards...
I'm actually in the middle of listening to his free offering, La Semaine (literally, The Week)... can't give you much of a review, since I may never get past Day Two: When The Wise Men Fall, but I feel confident recommending it anyway. it is FREE, after all...

Jim Rugg's Rambo 3.5 is in Stores

 Get your copy of Rambo 3.5 at these fine establishments, tough guy!

Jim Mahfood muralizes IGN's new HQ

Here's a detail of the mural at the new office in San Francisco. The pop-culture website flew comicbook baller Jim Mahfood (Mixtape, Stupid Comics, Grrl Scouts) out to create this puppy on Monday. Peep the full joint and more detail pics below

Davey D interviews Pharoahe Monch

Davey D interviews the mighty Pharoahe Monch in oakland.

Do it BIG!!!

Gigantic #1
Penciller: Eric Nguyen
Colorist Matthew Wilson
Cover Artist: Eric Nguyen
Features: Preview
It was a beautiful spring day in downtown San Francisco before a gigantic armored alien appeared from out of nowhere and began smashing things all to hell! Who is this invader? Why is he being attacked by strange alien beings? And why is he so GIGANTIC? A twist on The Truman Show, Gigantic focuses on a brainwashed, alien superhero deposited on Earth to be the spotlight of an intrusive, around-the-clock television program being filmed without his knowledge.

Critically acclaimed writer Rick Remender (Fear Agent, The End League) teams up with groundbreaking artist Eric Nguyen (X-Men, Sandman) in the merging of big, visually exciting art with a story examining America's consumer-based culture.

Sci-fi thrills and superhero action from the one and only Rick Remender!
Publication Date: November 05, 2008
Format: FC, 32 pages
Price: $2.99

Culpepper calls it quits...

After valiant efforts to land a QB job, Daunte Culpepper hung up his cleats for good. rather than wait and see if any other QBs get injured, Culpepper bitterly kissed the game goodbye. he spent the early part of the decade destroying defenses throwing the ball to guys with names like Carter and Moss, and at 6-foot-4, 265-pounds could punch the ball into the secondary on the ground his damn self. however, after a catastrophic injury to his knee in 2005, and disappointing stints in Miami (ugh) and Oakland (argh!), Culpepper feels the league has blacklisted him... (read more)

Blessed Are The Poor... (yeah, right!)


By Michael E. Ross
America’s harsh streets may be tougher for the homeless than they’ve ever been, according to two homeless-advocacy groups that on Wednesday released their survey of the nation’s 20 "meanest" cities for the poor.

The list, compiled by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, places Sarasota, Fla., at the top. But "mean" municipalities span the nation — from New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles to smaller cities like Flagstaff, Ariz., and Little Rock, Ark.

Four of the cities are in Texas, two are in California and two are in Arizona. All are locations that a report accompanying the list finds reflect a growing willingness over the past 25 years "to turn to the criminal justice system to respond to people living in public spaces."
Group’s list worst cities for homeless
Advocates say cities increasingly criminalize homeless people

1 Sarasota, Fla.
2 Lawrence, Kan.
3 Little Rock, Ark.
4 Atlanta, Ga.
5 Las Vegas, Nev.
6 Dallas, Texas
7 Houston, Texas
8 San Juan, P.R.
9 Santa Monica, Calif.
10 Flagstaff, Ariz.
11 San Francisco, Calif.
12 Chicago, Ill.
13 San Antonio, Texas
14 New York, N.Y.
15 Austin, Texas
16 Anchorage, Alaska
17 Phoenix, Ariz.
18 Los Angeles, Calif.
19 St. Louis, Mo.
20 Pittsburgh, Pa.

it's 10:45, do you know where your hip hop is?

Backpack superstar Del the Funky Homo Sapien (of Hieroglyphics, Gorillaz, Deltron Z 3030, and Ice Cube's family reunions) is back, ready to drop his new plate Eleventh Hour on the magnanimous Def Jux Records next week. i'm f*ckin' giddy, can you tell? go listen to the tracks on his mySpace homies, or stay here and peep the Oakland Elder Statesman's new vid, "Workin' It" ....


real Talk from the Original Short Dog...

Oakland EmCee/pioneer/pimp/pre-superThug-era badBoy Too$hort dropped MAJOR knowledge in a statement in Ozone, where he talks about the fallacies of gangsta/thug rap, and returning to his positive roots in 2008

"Some of our fathers and grandfathers were criminals and street thugs when they were young. I've always understood how the REAL drug dealers and gangbangers justified the homicides they were doing ...but somehow it doesn't settle the same way with me now that I'm 40 years old and my homeboy's sons are getting shot and murdered in the streets.

"I feel partially responsible for the state of mind these youngsters are in.
I can't 100% blame myself, Tupac, Master P, N.W.A., Scarface, any other rapper, or Hip Hop as a whole for the condition the streets are in now, but I know that if you look at the big picture, we all made thuggin', gangbangin', pimpin' and being a hardcore rapper look like fun..." short continues, "A lot of people in my generation eventually found out, after the judges started handing out 20-30 year sentences, that we were set up... "

"Earlier this year, I recorded a 10 song CD for Jive Records, the last thing I'll do with Jive as a solo artist... and this time I'm not celebrating my album release. I'm celebrating my release from a major label. I'm looking forward to being independent again. There are too many young homies getting killed for me to keep writing songs about bitches sucking my dick. I'm too intellegent to let my knowledge go to waste without passing down some of this real game to the youngsters. When I talk to politicians, teachers and parents, they all agree that rappers have a loud voice and we really don't use it to motivate the kids in a positive way."

This is the guy Pimp C was performing with in L.A. the night before Tuesday December 4th when Pimp C died and Too $hort's album dropped. thanks to ghettoManga award-winning emcee (and street reporter by nature!) Bavu Blakes for the heads up!
don't be hard, be easy...

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California Love

Golden State Warriors beat the Lakers 108, 106 in Oakland
in the most heavily attended basketball game in california history, Baron Davis and Al Harrington of the Warriors lead all scorers with 22 points apiece. for the Warriors, this victory ended a nine game losing streak to Los Angeles. Bynum and Odom played their best ball i've seen lately... but Lakers star Kobe Bryant injured his groin, yet still attempted to gaurd the Tazmanian Devil-lke Baron Davis. down by 8 points halfway through the fourth, Davis demanded the ball and dominated the hobbling Bryant (and everyone else they threw at him), much to the glee of the Oakland faithful in attendance.
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Dirk needs to listen to more Hip Hop...

photo by Brian Bahr, Getty Images
I been sayin' it forever: Nowitzki is soft. the Dallas Mavericks big man is one of the best players in the league. he can't be stopped. but he's as soft as the hairs on a peach. i mean, nobody can guard him... he's a seven footer with nice ball-handling skills and the sickest fade-away jumper this side'a Reggie Miller... unfortunately, he lacks reggie's killer instinct.

photo by Glenn James, Getty Images
still, in the fourth quarter of tuesday's game against Golden State, Dirk dug into his guts and pulled out a milleresque 12 points in the last three minutes of the game, to defeat the Warriors 118 to 112, saving his beloved Mavs from playoff extinction... now they have to do it in Oakland... and that's JUST for a chance to come back to dallas and play for the right to advance to the next round!

photo by Marcio Jose Sanchez the difference between winning and losing this series for the mavs will be Dirk's attitude. other players like his game, but they just don't fear him... and he should MAKE THEM REGRET IT!

* coach Avery Johnson's advice for Dirk about handling defenses:
"if they triple-team you, find the open man. if they double you, score on 'em. if they single cover you, KILL 'em!"
in other words, this is the playoffs... Dirk should be looking to score, and punish the other team for even THINKING they are in his league!
i think he just needs to listen to some hip hop or something... what's in A.I.'s ceedee changer, anyways?

peace (except on the court!),
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