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ESPN 30 for 30's New Iverson Documentary!

Trailer for No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson. I can't WAIT to see this! Debut is April 13th on ESPN.

is that your Final Answer?

guest post and artwork
by Michael Lagocki

"A starring role as a reserve on a title team would have been the quintessential ending to his erratic, yet sensational career. He would get a final chance to score, captivate, and prove that the force driving him all these years was, indeed, winning.
Unfortunately, the same stubbornness which made him so brilliant is also what will prevent us from ever getting to see that happen."

-Adam Stanco

I hope he's wrong. I've always loved Allen Iverson. My Dad first turned me on to him. Dad's a fierce fan of Philadelphia Sports and loved Iverson for his tenacity, his drive, and his willingness to throw his body amidst defenders with much more size and strength. It had an affect on me to see how quickly my Dad became a dedicated Iverson fan, despite the cornrows, tattoos and thug attitude (all things I would typically expect my Pops to despise). At the end of the day, if you played fearlessly, with that much passion, nothing else mattered.
Monday night Allen Iverson will return as a player for the Philadelphia 76ers, in a game against his former Denver Nuggets. That game will be broadcast on NBATV. I've been following the news on AI for the past several weeks. I've been annoyed by a lot of bad sportswriting (many writers I was reading kept bringing up Philadelphia's proximity to Atlantic City- sigh). I've also been struck by how AI's former teamates and coaches from John Thompson, to George Karl, to Larry Brown, to Mello, to Eric Snow all have commented that they think AI should return to the league and can still contribute at a contending level.

I'm happy this story is returning to the city that it started in. Philly has great love for AI. As bad as things have gotten, this is a chance for him to return to a team where he has a legacy, and a lot of support. I'm happy for my Dad. Philly's been loosing a lot of games by one or two points lately. He'll be a lot happier when they start winning those games.
I'm throwing my bet behind AI's success: that he'll improve their game, will stabilize himself, and will still be there at the end of the season (maybe even in a playoff spot). I'm willing to make that bet, not just because it's possible, but because I'd really love to see it happen.
Thinking about all this, I drew this portrait (based on an uncredited photo I found online).
-Micheal Lagocki is one-fifth of the mighty GhostWerks crew, as well as being the driving force behind the pleasantly notorious art activist massive called ArtLoveMagic, dedicated to overcoming Evil with good art.

gM Awards: Man of The Year

well, i'll finally start rolling out the gMA winners and this was the easiest award to pick. many people did many different things in 2008, but no human being had more impact on the country last year than Barack Obama. Hate him or love him, Obama brought design, intelligence, and class back to politics, and high lighted the lack of it among some of his competitors. he was heralded as too black for white America, and not black enough for black America, but ultimately he reminded everyone what you can do if you play your cards right (he convinced Iverson to cut off his cornrows for God's sake!), even in the face of adversity.
the American public has treated him like a demigod (he was on more Tee shirts than Bob Marley), and now that the rubber has hit the road (who KNOWS if this stimulus thing is gonna work or not...), he still retains a pretty good approval rating. Politics aside, the ghettoManga readers have definitely spoken, as 86% of them voted to award Barack Obama with the Man of the Year Award.

Iverson,Pistons get it together against Lakers

Pistons defeat Lakers 106-95 in Los Angeles
"I've never seen anything like it before..."
these were the words of my homeboy Mario describing the last undefeated team in the NBA, Kobe Bryant's Los Angeles Lakers, who've been beating teams by an average of over 17 points per game. "they 're straight destroying teams. if they keep playing like this, the Lakers are going back to the Finals." can't argue with that logic, can i? i mean, they were 7-0, and just came off'a smashing last year's sweatheart team, the New Orleans Hornets when Detroit came to town, running behind my favorite little big man and new Piston: Allen Iverson.
“We just played defense,” Iverson said. “We made them take tough, contested shots. When they missed, we got out and ran and took advantage. On the offensive end, we just attacked all night.” Rasheed Wallace had 25 points and 13 rebounds, Allen Iverson added 25 points and the Pistons handed the Lakers their first loss of the season, 106-95 Friday night. The win was the Pistons’ eighth in the last 10 meetings.

*The Pistons are 3-2 since the trade that brought Iverson to Detroit in exchange for All-Star point guard Chauncy Billups (Denver is 4-1 with Billups)
*Former Laker Kwame Brown had a double-double, with 10 rebounds and 10 points
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the Answer to all the Mavericks' problems...

arguably the most dominant player on the planet (and certainly MY favorite player), Allen Iverson is on the trading block. frustrated with Philly's inability to give him the supporting cast he wants, Iverson has demanded to be traded this season. If Mark Cuban has any sense, he will give the Sixers any reasonable batch of scrubs and picks for the 6 foot (in his b-ball shoes anyways...) one man army.'s Bill Simmons said it like this:

"First, as soon as this trade happens, Iverson will play out of his mind coming out of the gate, followed by a series of stories and features from his new teammates saying things like "I can't believe how good this guy is" and "He's completely transformed this team, we think we have a chance to win every night now," followed by the Sixers fans flipping out and demanding King's departure. I wish there was a way to wager on this scenario in Vegas. I can't believe softer contenders like the Magic, Nets or even the Mavs have underestimated the undeniable force of his personality, the potential of his crunch-time scoring if there were other scoring threats on the court, or even the fury he'll unleash on a new team. He will practically KILL HIMSELF trying to haunt the Sixers over the next three seasons. Mark my words..."

that's what's up...there is not another player like him, he's got an almost evil killer instinct and he will destroy himself to win. a smart franchise will get him, and if they are ANY good... they will make everyone who ignores him sorry they passed up on him...

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