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"I am the daughter of royalty on some queen shit. Roots are lain in foreign soil on some Ben Vereen shit..." @SaRocTheMC

I heart Sa-Roc long time... Check out this new video for DC x ATLiens featuring Roc spitting over a dope Organized Noize beat...

"From my spaceship, Look down on n*ggas tell em you ain't ish. Can't get caught in the Matrix, fuck what you think bitch" STS powered by @Skibeatz

Rewind with me to 2011. I was working for a very cool e-learning company, helping to make educational cartoons for their website. Fun work, but it requires lots of music (Trust me on this). I didn't have an iPod or anything like that, and they didn't allow loading music on the computers. They DID however allow us to stream internet content, so I created extensive youTube playlists that I listened to while working...

#musicToDrawTo "ALL DAT GLITTERS AIN'T GOALS" instrumentals produced by @Illastrate inspired by the works of Fahamu Pecou.

I'm streaming these instrumentals to All Dat Glitters Ain't Goals, by Fahamu Pecou and Illustrate. I also embedded the original EP, which features Atlanta-based hip hop from emcees like Ekunday (Liuns Den) Clan Destined, Boog Brown, Methuzulah, Stic man, Starchile, etc. You're welcome.

#nowPlaying " House of Halogens" (EP) by Methuzulah

I'm doing a lotta drawing today, so I dug up this EP House of Halogens by Methuzulah to serve my background hip hop music needs. Peep it and cop the free download below...

DO THE MATH: (LexBoogie x Beats) + (GoldiGold x Art) = (Sharks In The Golden Pond) #nowPlaying

One of my favorite illustrators, New Jersey to ATL transplant GoldiGold executive produced and smashed the illustrations for this new beat tape Sharks In The Golden Pond by School of Sharks producer the mighty Lex Boogie from the Bronx. I could not be more excited to see this pairing of super-prolific and talented art monsters! Listen to the fruits below...

Some old and new isht from that dude DJ AmDex aka Yamin Semali aka @YAMINallday

Here's a dope mixtape I found by that dude DJ AmDex (of ClanDestined) also known as Yamin Semali... ANDRE vs DANTE mixes verses and beats from the two hip hop heavyweights to create a great little record you can stream below...

Headkrack + Money Stax = KRACKMONEY #downloadThis

Headkrack and Money Stax are both from the east coast (New York and Jersey respectively), but they both live in and rep Dallas, so I'm CLAIMIN' 'em in the black people draft or whatever. Anyways, they dropped this collabo track Standby (produced by Lexzyne), under the inevitably awesome moniker KrackMoney!

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