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Wolverine vs The Black Panther. FIGHT!

 Three of my favorite Marvel Universe characters (Storm, Wolverine and T'challa the Black Panther) are on the cover of Wolverine #8 (I guess this is the New 52 Wolverine or something... I haven't been paying attention), and it features the mighty Alan Davis/Mark Farmer amalgam on the art. I'm still not gonna buy it, but thanks for trying Marvel!

This cover for New Illuminati # 7 looks D O P E ! ! !

 For the record, T'challa the Black Panther doesn't appear in the brief art-only preview of New Illuminati New Avengers #7 below, but he looks so awesome on this cover going head-up with Namor the Sub-Mariner that I posted it here anyways...

PREVIEW: New Illuminati #... wait... I'm sorry.. New Avengers #1 (again)

Since they kilt off Professor X, T'challa the Black Panther returns to the Illuminati, Marvel's assembly of the greatest minds and biggest bosses in the Marvel U. And because mainstream comics is all about the Benjamins, they changed the name to New Avengers. Here's some art...

PREVIEW- Black Panther #528

 Kingpin done effed up now! Yeah, now that he got his own ninjas. he's tryin'a do a Halliburton on Wakanda... Oh, and Oeming smashed the art on this one...

2 issues of Black Panther dropping in December w/ Oeming & Martinbrough on art? YES PLEASE!!!

Here's the cover art to Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #526 (below) & 527 by Francesco Francavilla, plus some cool Black Panther drawings by Mike Avon Oeming (Powers, Hammer of the Gods, Mice Templar) who will kick in on some art for the story arc...

PREVIEW- Black Panther: Man Without Fear #519

 I haven't been paying very close attention since Black Panther took over Daredevil's book in Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513, but as a dude who grew up idolizing Spider-Man and who has become a fan of T'challa the Panther, this is the (re) match-up I've been waiting on...

PREVIEW- Black Panther: Man Without Fear #514

 Here's some preview pages to Black Panther: Man Without Fear #514. Feel free discuss amongst yourselves...

PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther #4

The hero parade that is Klaws of the Panther comes to a close as Black Widow joins Shuri 'nem against Klaw, Master of Sound...

PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther #3

 I bought Klaws of the Panther #1 the last time I went to the comic shop and really enjoyed it. The art by Gianluca Gugliotta, was good enough, and I have said before that I'm a fan of series writer Jon Maberry. When I go into the shop, I will probably buy the second and third issues. I have a few preview pages below.In this preview, there's a sequence taking place in Brooklyn with art by Pepe Larraz that looks pretty cool...

PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther #2

Here's a preview of Shuri the Black Panther fighting against Klaw, the Master of Sound. In addition to guest appearances from Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-devil, looks like Marvel's busiest mutant will poke his head (and claws) into issue #2 of Klaws of the Panther as well...

PREVIEW: Black Panther, Man Without Fear

Apparently, Marvel has decided the only way to fill the shoes of a Kingpin is with a once-and-future King... T'challa the Black Panther is taking over Daredevil's book as Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #513 hits stands in December. This of course will be after all the smoke clears from DD's Shadowland crossover which will wrap up in November. anyways, Marvel dropped a 6 page preview, which I just read this morning (I been busy... sorry), and am now passing on for your approval or lack thereof. Check it out!

PREVIEW: Klaws of the Panther#1 (Now with words and stuff!)

I posted preview art from this book a while ago, but now here's the pages with dialogue/letters... I have no pithy commentary today, so here's the sales pitch:
Klaw, Master of Sound, is no more dead than he is human. The killer composed of living sound is back with a new and deadly plan that will spill blood from the Savage Land to the streets of New York. Shuri, the new Black Panther, has already tried (and failed) to stop this monster –a defeat that owed as much to her own reckless rage as it does to Klaw’s power. So, Shuri turns to the person who knows more about battling inner rage than anyone. If you think you know the Black Panther –you don’t. So don’t miss this installment of NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry’s exciting new series.

PREVIEW: "Black Panther: Man Without Fear"

GhettoManga fan response has been pretty consistent. You want T'challa back on Black Panther, and you want him back NOW! Well, I will not accuse Marvel of being responsive to your cries, but I did find these pages today, for something called Black Panther: Man Without Fear #513. Looks like T'challa is in Hell's Kitchen... maybe checking up on Daredevil (who seems to be going bonkers over in the Shadowland story Marvel's trying to sell me). There is reference on page 5 to the "Former Black Panther Still Missing" on a newspaper headline, and can that be my dude Everett K Ross?

PREVIEW---> BLACK PANTHER: Klaws of the Panther #1

I'm not sure why Shuri the Black Panther is in the Savage Land in the Klaws of the Panther miniseries Marvel is debuting next month, so I won't embarrass myself trying to comment... just peep the preview art I snagged for you below.
Here’s the Sales Pitch:
Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Klaws Of The Panther #1, from bestselling author and mastermind behind Doomwar Jonathan Maberry along with artist Gianluca Gugliotta! The Black Panther faces her deadliest foe yet when Klaw, Master of Sound, returns to enact an evil plan that will wreak havoc from the Savage Land to the streets of New York! To foil Klaw, Shuri must battle her own inexperience and blinding rage. Can the Black Panther live up to the legacy of her name? Find out in Klaws Of The Panther #1!

DOOMWAR #6 preview art

So I copped this preview art from DOOMWAR #6 off'a CBR for you... looks like your man Victor Von Doom has whooped everybody and he's running through his obligatory pre-deathblow-delivery rant. Since these pages are unlettered, I will assume that the black dude with the tight pants and 'good' hair is T'challa, the Black Panther. I like how Doom's boys are rolling up on Obama in that double page montage... Doom pro'lly endorsed the other guy. Anyways, enjoy the pages

PREVIEW: Doomwar (Black Panther, Storm & FF vs Doom)

Doctor Doom is taking on the Wakandan Royal Family and their allies and winning! But they look like they're pulling out all the stops to fight back in this free preview of DOOMWAR #4 I repatriated from CBR.

All six episodes of "Who Is The Black Panther" are on YouTube (for NOW anyways)

this player has episodes 1-6 of Black Panther for your viewing convenience (until the Marvel/Disney one-time pulls 'em down, of course). much thanks to my dude Marcus for keeping an eagle eye on the internet, and letting us know when this was ready! Yeah, the animation is not up to the level of the story, but this mess sure is fun to watch! It's following the Hudlin's Who is the Black Panther storyline pretty closely... good stuff! If you've seen the early ones already, feel free to skip to episode 5... after all, who knows how long it will be on there!

Black Panther cartoon episodes 3 + 4 on YouTube (while supplies last!)

this player has episodes 1-4 of the Black Panther Cartoon for your viewing convenience (until the Marvel/Disney one-time pulls 'em down, of course). everybody say 'Thanks, Marcus'! Yeah, the animation is not up to the level of the story, but thsi mess sure is fun to watch! It's following the Hudlin's Who is the Black Panther storyline pretty closely... good stuff!

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