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Here's some clips from Boondocks Episode 9

This week's Boondocks episode see's your boy Tom, having apparently conquered his fear of anal rape, take the boys to visit the Willy Horton Maximum Security prison.

Boondocks TOASTED Tyler Perry this episode!

Okay, in case you somehow missed it, here's the complete basting of Tyler Perry they conducted over on The Boondocks.

An Open Letter to Regina King...

Dear Regina,
that Is all.

OKAY! Who wants to watch an interview?!?!

Stinkmeaner's Legacy

That hateful blind dude Colonel Stinkmeaner is the gift that keeps on giving... He embarrassed Grandad by beating his tail the first time they fought, and even more by dying in a televised grudge rematch. But death didn't stop him, as miserable old coot returned from the depths of hell and possessed Tom. Now it looks like the Freeman fam is gonna hafta deal with more fallout from the evil bastich...

Boondocks Episode 3 Kicks Balls!!!

Aaron MacGruder n'em are at it again... catch a gander at "Red Ball" the latest episode of The Boondocks, where martial arts Kickball serves as allegory for international economic policy.

Boondocks Season 3 is HERE

They went ahead and started BIG...

Uncle Ruckus does NOT hate the game...

Uncle Ruckus jumps on his youTube to clear the air on this Tiger Woods controversy...

Boondocks Season 3 Trailer!!!

this is a leak so enjoy it while you can!

LeSean Takes You to School

that dude LeSean Thomas (Boondocks, CannonBusters, Ben10: Alien Force) breaks down the process of creating comics. In this video, he explains how he prepares his COMIC PAGES using the method of STORYBOARDING/ THUMBNAILING to ROUGH LAYOUT. there's no one way to make comics, but watching how a guy like LeSean breaks things down should be at least entertaining to manga/comics nerds. hope it helps people out as well!

waiting patiently...

i know this isn't news to everybody, but there's a fan page for The Boondocks on Facebook. if you haven't been yet, i recommend clicking the pic above to head over there and peep some screenshots from Season 3, set to debut in 'early 2010' (i expect it to jump off in the early Spring).


okay, i'm pretty sure there isn't going to be any live-action Boondocks movie, but if there was, Will's son Jaden Smith (Pursuit of Happyness, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Amulet) would be on the short list to play one of the cartoon's smart-assed young'uns. I'd cast him as the straight man Huey, but he's lookin' a lot more like Riley in these pics from the Karate Kid remake he's shooting with Jackie Chan and Taraji P Henson. Jaden just doesn't have enough swag to play Riley. plus, Will pro'lly wouldn't want his son cussin' so much on-screen... I wonder if Xzibit has any kids...
anyways, click the pic for more photos from the new Karate Kid joint...

Mc Gruder Speaks

Aaron McGruder Interviewed on
Nick Huff sits down with the creator of The Boondocks, Aaron McGruder to talk second season, new characters, staying relevant, BET, R Kelley, Gangstalicious, Thugnificent and more. For full interview check out
this is old, but hey, we can't get anything new until the new episodes drop in 2010, and i can't get enough Boondocks. is anybody out there still fiendin' for new episodes of this show like i am?

Today's Deviation

Uncle Ruckus VS Obama by *kse332
all my Boondocks fans will understand...

McGruder, Hudlin and Baker craft masterpiece OGN

just like B.I.G. and 2pac, noteworthy antagonists Reginald Hudlin (House Party, Black Panther ) and Aaron McGruder (The Boondocks) used to be good friends. good enough at least to co-author Birth of a Nation, a socio-politically charged Original Graphic Novel released by Crown Publishers in 2004. the book satirizes the 2000 election by creating a scenario where citizens from the city of East St Louis are not allowed to vote, and the wrong person becomes President as a result. the disenfranchised and charismatic Mayor Fred Fredericks (with encouragement from fellow college alum and bubbling black billionaire, John Roberts) decides there is only one solution: East Saint Louis secedes from the union! the short critique: this book is brilliant!
Birth of a Nation is illustrated by Kyle Baker, a master cartoonist able to do more with less than just about any artist i can name. his style of drawing is impressionistic and descriptive. you can see his mind working on the page, and his method combines storybook and comics techniques to maximum effect. Birth still remains painfully relevant today, with intra- and interracial issues reaching up to the highest levels of American and international politics... COP IT!

and now, back to the Boondocks...

more Boondocks...

Season Two Drops Today!

Hate if you must, but i submit for your parusal, the illest show on teevee is now available for all those who ain't spring for cable (ya'll DO got a DVD player, right?). that's right homeys, The Boondocks, Season Two DVD drops today, so take a little bit from each utility bill and cop that (just kidding. please pay your bills)... watch this clip, and peep more of the gM TeeVee Show of the Year for 2007 right here for free. then, once you get your paper right, run go get that!


The Uncle Ruckus Show is HERE!

pt uno

pt two

Boondocks, the name you can trust...

Boondocks- "HUNGER STRIKES" full episode

"Hunger Strikes" Full Episode!
this is how they won the ghettoManga Teevee Show of the Year Award in 2007


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You Know You Want It...

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