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Start The Day Off RIGHT -----> (yo! Dee JAY! play some CHUBB ROCK!)

Chubb Rock + Howie Tee = yessir! this isn't my favorite Chubb Rock joint, but in my book, Chubb is a winner everytime. I'm that dude at parties yelling "YO! Play Some Chubb Rock" at the DJ. yep.
have a great day!

Start the Day off RIGHT ------->

Ya Bad Chubb by Chubb Rock
ya welcome.

Thank You Mister Bush!!!

bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!
props to PurpleZoe... cause i stole it from her blog!

Homecoming by John Forte f/Talib Kweli
and here's a Chubb Rock joint for good measure...

ABC's Knaan, f/Chubb Rock

Robocop last year was the shot!

nah, this is not another of my pleas to get Chubb Rock into the Rock n Roll hall of fame, this is about the CNN report on the next step to futuristic tech like what we see in games like Halo and movies like ghettoManga faves Aliens, Terminator and of course, Robocop.

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You Know You Want It...

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