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Check out this STEVEN UNIVERSE #3 preview from @BOOMstudios!

 I became an instant fan of Cartoon Network's Steven Universe when I stumbled onto the KABOOM series of Steven's misadventures as the mostly powerless member of the Crystal Gems superhero squad. STEVEN UNIVERSE is like Snarf or Orko having their own series while the Lion-O, He-man or whoever are off saving the world in the background.  Anyways, I was late to the party, but I'm glad to be here. Peep this preview of Steven Universe #3


Y'all know I cuts for Larry Stroman from his work on X-Factor for Marvel Comics and his creator-owned book TRIBE back in the nineties. Hence, I am honor-bound to post this preview from this revival of the sci-fi action comic Alien Legion: Uncivil War he's working on with Chuck Dixon and Carl Potts...

DAMION SCOTT takes over art chores on ALL NEW GHOST RIDER!! (((airhorn)))

 I had no idea that Damion Scott and Robert Campanella were the new art team on ALL NEW GHOST RIDER but it looks like they did. Last month's cover (above) was done by series co-creator Tradd Moore, but check out the interiors to this and the new issue below, by Scott and Campanella.

My concerns about STORM, and 4 things @Marvel should do about it

I bought the first couple issues of STORM, the new ongoing series about Marvel's most prominent female super hero. I enjoyed them both, especially the first one. But there's definitely something bothering me about this series already...

Miles Morales + All New (Old) X-Men = WTF? But it's Bendis and Asrar, so... WHY NOT?!?

I don't really have much to say about All-New X-men #32. From what I can tell, this X-book stars the original five X-men (Angel, Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops and a relatively hairless Beast), transplanted from the past into the present day. Now they have also been transported into the Ultimate Universe, where they meet Miles Morales, the all-new Afrolatino Spider-man...

Looks like John Stewart was born again HARD in GREEN LANTERN CORPS: FUTURE'S END #1

So apparently the DC Universe is going through a cataclysmic war or something, and time-traveling is involved... NO WAIT! STAY WITH ME NOW! Yeah, I don't know... But I like John Stewart. So there's that. Look, just check out this preview of Green Lantern Corps: Future's End #1...

Have y'all seen this TMNT fancomic SECRETS OF THE OOZE by @RossCampbelll? SO GOOD!

 The idea of drawing comics featuring characters I don't own and never printing them (because, you know... the law or something...) is totally alien to me. That said, there are some really dope fan comics out there. Here's one of them: Secrets of the Ooze, by that dude Ross Campbell...

#yesReally- BO, PLUSHY GANGSTA: KINGDOM OF BO Trade Paperback published by @ActionLab

I saw an issue of post-hip hop blaxploitation comic BO, PLUSHY GANGSTA the last time I went to the comic shop, but I forgot to write about it when I got home, so I'm glad I ran across this preview art for the trade paperback today...

Preview- DREAM SKILLS, the new comic from Corey Lewis

FACT: Corey Lewis is the sheet. Corey draws comics all the time, and I don't. That makes him awesome. 
Here's some preview pages of his new comic Dream Skills...

Wow! I'm LOVING these STEVEN UNIVERSE comics from @BOOMstudios

I don't have cable, so I wasn't prepared for STEVEN UNIVERSE by steady streams of commercials, but it only took a few images for me to fall in love with Steven, the not-yet super powered member of the mighty Crystal Gems superhero quartet. Once I saw these preview pages for the new STEVEN UNIVERSE comics, let's just say I was hooked!

Our favorite zombie-smashing lesbian (Rylie of THE ABANDONED) returns in @RossCampbelll's new webcomic CAN'T LOOK BACK!

You pro'lly already know I'm a big fan of rising star cartoonist Ross Campbell (Glory, TMNT, Shadoweyes, Wet Moon), whose mastery of drawing lovely girls of every conceivable shape, size and color is matched only by his skill at writing them as fully-realized characters. My introduction to Ross's work came from running across the ruthless zombie invasion graphic novel The Abandoned that he put out as part of Tokyopop's awesome but ultimately doomed line of American graphic novels. I said all that to say that Ross's new webcomic Can't Look Back picks up where The Abandoned left off. Sorta...

Coming Soon- KID CODE: CHANNEL ZERO by Black Kirby (aka @JIJennings and @GodShabach)

I'm embarrassed by how little I write about the exploits of my Black Comix brethren John Jennings and Stacey Robinson separately, or their collaborations under the alias Black Kirby. But it would be an absolute crime to neglect the impending release of their new hip hop superhero comic KID CODE...

DON'T BLINK! A new issue of GENIUS comes out this week! Art by the mighty @AfuaRichardson!

I haven't heard any word of Top Cow's inner city action thriller GENIUS being optioned for movies, cable or streaming teevee, but it's set in South Central Los Angeles, so we'll see. Anyways, check out this preview of GENIUS #2...

Hey, Sports Fans! Check out @PhillipBuchanon's new sports comedy comic NEW MONEY!

 There's not enough comics about sports in America, so I was very interested to show you New Money #1,  the brand new joint written by NFL vet Phillip Buchanon 'longside Hannibal Tabu, with art by N. Steven Harris (The Fringe, Watson & Holmes).

OH SHNAP! JINNRISE Vol 2 drops this week! (@AndrewHuerta93 is a friggin BEAST!!!)

 DAMMIT! I been asleep at the wheel or something, because I haven't spent every minute of everyday raving about Jinnrise, the urban fantasy smash from IDW, and its bad to the mothereffing bone artist Andrew Huerta. Stop looking at me like that and check out these preview pages from Jinnrise Volume 2, tough guy!

You wanna get down with Govea, Nunez and Zarate's upcoming gamerverse comic ALT CONTROL DELETE? #KickstartThis

PREVIEW- FROM UNDER MOUNTAINS by Marian Churchland, Claire Gibson, and Sloane Leong #sheGoHard

For those who don't know me, I like hip hop and comics, and I'm a feminist. As such, I get excited when ladies go hard in all the proverbial paints. See, fresh dudes like myself can try to rectify the inequities in hip hop and/or comics culture, but nothing can substitute for ladies stepping up and getting their thang on, seen? To that end, peep this preview of From Under Mountains, an upcoming fantasy bangaroo by the mighty Marian Churchland (BEAST), Claire Gibson, and Sloane Leong.

Mr Hyde goes HAM in this ALL NEW GHOST RIDER preview!

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