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gM Awards: Artist/Illustrator of the Year Nominees

Rob Guillory is the artist on Comicbook of the Year nominee Chew.

Billy Nunez (Biz20) is a designer, beatmaker, illustrator and muralist from Boston. (more)

Kizer is a professional illustrator who brings it raw everytime, no matter the subject. (more)

Arie Munroe is part of a wave of relatively unknown yet brilliant comics and animation artists waiting to take the world by storm (more)

Doug Harvey (Lysol Jones) is a videogame concept artist, Illustrator and all-around art phenom. (more)
voting last until the ball drops on New Year's Eve! have a happy new year!

gM Webcomic of the Year nominees

the nominees for Webcomic of the Year are:
Best! Supervillain! ever! that dude Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies, Lincoln Hates Werewolves) has dipped into his fertile mind and pulled out another winner! he's teamed up with Jim McMunn (The Mighty Sullivan) to create The Frightful Fetus, a new webcomic about a vengeful fetus in an alien robot body bent on world domination and bloody vengeance on the people who tried to abort him! Lindsay is meticulously spinning a tale that chronicles the Fetus' rise from common crook to criminal mastermind in a delightful combination of superhero parody and head-scratching train wreck. Lindsay is so good at absurd comedy and WTF moments that he will sucker-punch you with poignancy when you're not looking! click the pic to sample the pro-life goodness...

if you're in the mood for a romantic comedy that's heavier on the comedy than the romance, check out a hilarious comic called The Dog Years! when Trey, a twenty something toy designer, suffers a catastrophic break-up from his slightly overbearing (and more than slightly hot) fiance, his boys swoop in, determined to stop the pity-party before it even starts... the cool thing about this comic is that it isn't a typical comic about typical "comic book" things, and yet it is easy to get into because it comes off like a good raunchy date movie or cable sitcom. Click the pic to read it online.

there aren't too many people reading this blog who wouldn't enjoy Ramon Perez's cooky contemporary fantasy comic Kukuburi, the whimsical story of a fly hipster delivery girl who stumbles into another dimension on what she thought was a routine delivery. Perez is a master illustrator spinning a fun yarn with beautiful art and sublime situations. the cast of characters is so varied and fantastical that it would be disorienting if the main character were not so down-to-earth and easy to relate to. Click the pic to read it online, and if you're like me, you will want to take your time to absorb and appreciate the work that Perez is putting into this strip!

Hanna is Not a Boy's Name is a relatively new addition to my online reading list. I discovered the 22 year old writer/artist Tessa Stone and her quirky webcomic on, and was immediately impressed with her drawing skills and dry humor. the comic is about Hanna Cross, a hapless yet inappropriately upbeat paranormal investigator flanked at all times by the nameless zombie who serves as his right-hand man and narrator of the comic. Since his zombie pal can't remember his pre-death name, Hanna just calls him a different name everytime. If this sounds really stupid, it's only because I'm not as funny as Tessa is (the drawings help too). click the pic and give Hanna and company a look!
voting open until the ball drops on New Year's Eve!

gM Awards: Hip Hop Group Nominees

the nominees for Hip Hop/Rap group of the Year are:
<a href="">Gettin There by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)</a>

Greenhouse (aka Blueprint and Illogic) of Weightless Records.

She The Hard Way (Female emcee supergroup StaHHr, Sa-Roc, Rita J,Boog Brown & Khalilah Ali)

Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Crooked I, Royce Da 5-9, and Joell Ortiz)

Strong Arm Steady (aka Stoney Jackson w/Madlib on beats!)
voting open until the ball drops on New Year's Eve!

Cartoonist of the Year Nominees

There aren't nearly enough comics in the romantic comedy genre being made in the united states, and of those not many writer/artists are making them with the style and humor that Drayonis, creator of The Dog Years, pulls off almost flawlessly. I often refer to it as 'your girlfriend's next favorite graphic novel' (and if you let her read it, you'll know why) but it's actually got that battle of the sexes vibe that men and women respond to. mark my words, fam: dude is onto something... (more)

Brandon Graham's (King City, Escalator, Pillow Fight, Multiple Warhedz) comics feel like a tagged up mural came off the wall and became a comicbook story. in King City (click the pic for a preview), this recovering graf writer combines all the best elements of fantasy, hip hop and science fiction in a comic that feels like it's in full color, even though it's in black and white. Brandon got his start in porn comics, and his playful and meticulous style has been described as "Children's comics for adults". He brings a wealth of diverse influences to his comics, and wears them all on his sleeve. (more)

If Charlie 'Fab' Goubile's hip hop martial arts vigilante comic Blackbird was my only exposure to his work, I would STILL nominate him for Cartoonist of the Year. But as it turns out, his fly evolving drawing style keeps showing up all over the place. In addition to completing the 3 issue Blackbird:Growing Pains story arc solo, He's dropped leaks of new comics collabos for the long-awaited Jaycen Wise project and a new joint called The Players which will come out in 2010. (more)

Like breakdancing, the Clintons and LL Cool J, Blaxploitation never really went anywhere, it's just under the radar. this year saw Black Dynamite hit theaters in limited release, creating a wide range of reviews (since it didn't open in Dallas, I didn't write any of them), and there are many comics (good and bad) devoted to the genre. as it is, I don't think there is anybody on the web repping it any better than Jay Potts, author of the Web's #1 blaxploitation joint, World of Hurt. Like CGI-haters flocked to Kill Bill for its rejection of post-Matrix computer-enhanced fight scenes, old-school aficionados need to bow down at the altar of Jay's prototypical badass, Isaiah 'Pastor' Hurt, who can fix any problem if you can pay the price. Jay's smooth lines and fresh dialogue are doing their part to keep the genre alive and in style. just don't call it a comeback... (more)

don't look now, but if you call yourself a "self-publisher" there's a good chance John Aston is making you look bad. In case you're new around here, John is the writer, artist, colorist, letterer, and publisher of OldeTowneComix titles Abusilum and Rachel Rage. He has mastered the art of the indy comic, smashing more sex, violence, gratuitous cursing and gun clapping into every issue of his books than I would have thought possible. If it was up to me, his latest graphic novel Rachel Rage: Heartland would be in every comic shop and bookstore in America, so people could remember what it was like to read a comic made without corporate bean counters looking over the artist's shoulder. but it's not up to me. just another example of how the world would be better if I ran this joint! (more)

gM Awards: Video of the Year Nominees

here are the nominees for Video of the Year.

Robot by KRS ONE & Buckshot

Simba by J.Cole

Bulletproof by Raheem Devaughn f/Ludacris

Give It To Me by Rhymefest

Proper Aim by Souls of Mischief 

gM Awards: Movie of The Year Nominees

here's the nominees for Movie of the Year

for the record, Astro Boy is loosely based on the archetypal manga and anime character of the same name created by the so-called "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka. the plot of the film takes place in the futuristic floating city/state Metro City, whose citizens live a fairly idyllic existence as they are waited on hand-and-foot by a race of robots of every conceivable shape size and function, while the city's refuse is dumped on the planet's ruined surface. Created to replace the dead son of Metro City's greatest scientist, Astro goes through a soul-searching journey worthy of comics' greatest heroes. The film's story balances complex ideas and shows a respect for its viewers that's uncommon for a kids' film. (read full review here)

Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi mockumentary-style sci-fi joint District 9 is one of these films that seems to be pretty galvanizing. From what I can tell, people have tended to either love it or hate it (if you have trouble guessing which one I am, go here for my review). the film takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa where an alien ship has been hovering for twenty years, and the shiftless aliens inside have been relocated from the dormant ship to the alien superghetto, District 9. the South African corporation MNU has designs on the aliens' technology, which will not work for humans, but as the documentary framing sequence foreshadows, something goes horribly wrong.
I was not excited to hear about a reboot of the Star Trek franchise. in fact, i technically never went to see it. I walked in on it at the sneakeasy after watching another of the nominees.  As it turns out, the movie is freaking AWESOME! Uhura is fine as hell. Spock is the shit. Kirk taps a green chick. Sulu kicks ass with his futuristic wu-tang sword style. scotty makes the impossible happen. Bones is a doctor, dammit! what more can you ask!?!

also nominated is the Disney/Pixar joint Up. despite my penchant for socio-political rambling and bad language, i'm really a big kid at heart. as such, a company like Pixar is a dream come true. they have mastered the art of the 'fun for the whole family' kid's movie, and in Up, they've cranked out another classic.

 Watchmen (directed by 300's Zack Snyder) does a great job of shifting between the storylines of the venerated comic's many characters, which I was  originally very concerned about. Snyder had the daunting job of cutting the fat out of one of the most highly celebrated stories in all of comicdom, and handled it admirably. Rorschach, the most popular character in the story, is handled perfectly without losing the other characters in the shuffle. in fact, the love triangle between Nite Owl, Silk Specter and Dr. Manhattan is handled better than i expected as well. (read my full review here)

anyways, that's the nominees for now. feel free to suggest more nominees via email or in comments, as this post will be updated. voting starts Wednesday, December 30 and ends New Years Eve at 11:59pm. for a complete list of gMA categories, go here.

gM Award Nominees: Comicbook of the Year

my nominees for comicbook of the year. click a picture to preview the comic.

I actually first checked out Unknown Soldier on the word of one of my readers (thanks Vee!). It's a combination of war tragedy, horror story and action drama about a brilliant young Ugandan doctor who snaps after years of facing down the horrors of tribal war and genocide. in conflict with the persistent voice from within that seeks to use the doctor's knowledge to transform him into the perfect tool of murderous vengeance, Unknown Soldier explores just how far will he go to win that inner battle, while asking what it would take to return sanity to his war-torn country. This book addresses the issues that surround the politics and culture of the region with respect and has great art and story.
since i started having the ghettoManga Awards this is my first time nominating Black Panther (although the Skrull Secret Invasion story arc from last year came reeeeeeally close), mostly because of the well-intentioned but lackluster writing of Reggie Hudlin, who only managed to write a handful of above-average issues. The new writer Jonathan Maberry has really cranked it up, though! following Hudlin's Deadliest of the Species arc, T'challa has given up the mantle of the Black Panther, which has now been taken on by his sister. Maberry has essentially made the book about T'challa's family (which of course includes his wife Storm, of the X-men) and the turmoil of Wakandan politics. hot stuff...
the next nominee is Brandon Graham's epic urban fantasy King City, which stars Joe, a cat master (like a green lantern, except instead of a power ring, he wields a super-powered cat) and  listless thief who gets pulled out of his life of wandering when the drama jumps off. Brandon's comics feel like a tagged up mural came off the wall and became a comicbook story. in King City, he combines all the best elements of fantasy, hip hop and science fiction in a comic that feels like it's in full color, even though it's in black and white. If you haven't read this book, i advise you to give it a chance. 
Two weeks ago, I had never read the new Image book Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory. In fact, when I bought Taster's Choice the trade collecting the first story arc, I was doing it mostly so people would stop telling me I needed to read it. well, I read it and now I'm telling you: You need to read it! Chew has been hailed as one of the best new comics out there, and I'm adding my voice to the roar of applause. Chew follows the story of FDA field agent Tony Chu, who has the gift (and curse) of sensing the entire history of anything he tastes. If he bites an apple, he will get a flash of the tree it was picked from, all the pesticides it was sprayed with, etc. as you might expect, he doesn't eat much. In a world where all poultry is illegal, FDA agents kick down doors like the DEA, and Tony's life is filled with enough drama to satisfy any action junkie. I am way behind, but just the issues in the trade (and the book's non-stereotypical asian-american star) are enough to get them a nomination.

anyways, that's the nominees for now. feel free to suggest more nominees via email or in comments, as this post will be updated. voting starts Wednesday, December 30 and ends New Years Eve at 11:59pm. for a complete list of categories, go here.

Who's "The Best of 2009"?

I'm working on my nominees for the 2009 ghettoManga Awards, and want to know who YOU think is the best of the year! here's some qualifications guidelines...

  • current work gets 'em in. in some cases, the catalog will help tip the scales.
  • you can give multiple nominees, but please rank them for me, so i can tell who you like most.
  • remember, material with 2009 released dates automatically qualify, but material released in late 2008, still buzzing in 09 is still eligible.
  • YOUR opinion, don't try to pick the Oscar/Grammy/Eisner winner. you can argue after the fact.
  • after nominees are named, polls will be posted that encourage voting.
  • relevance to hip hop culture (for movies, comics, etc) is nice, but not totally necessary.
peep the categories and the rules below and reply in comments, or send your list to

Best Comicbook Award
comics in any genre or format. must have at least three issues in print (for monthlies)

Best Webcomic 
Comics on the web, not previously published in print. Must have at least 3 episodes published in 2009. 

TPB of the Year
(Trade Paper Back) collections of previously published material (from print ot web), at least 60 pages long.
OGN of the Year
(Original Graphic Novel) original comics (or manga) of any genre or format,
ongoing series or one-shot, at least 60 pages long.
Emcee of the Year
this is a spitting award. these nominees may be male or female, totally unknown or almost famous, part of a group, or solo... but they gotta have the gift. forward mp3's youTube Videos, or website links to
Rapper of the Year

all these people have 1) a record deal on a major label, or 2) heavy, heavy rotation. they are in major stores nationwide (selling records is a whole 'nother matter...).
even if you didn't BUY their record, strong showings on guest shots, video shows, ring tones, youTube, etc can get the knod. make a case by sending links to youTube joints, email me a mp3 or transcribe his/her illest 16
Vocalist of the Year
singers, or singer-songwriter in any genre. dope pipes and lyrics. major label or indie, but must have a record available for purchase in 2009.
HipHop/Rap Group of the Year
major or unkown groups are eligible. please send mp3s or youTube links or something. if you assume i know who you're talkin' about... well, you know...
Artist/Illustrator of the Year
relevant visual artists working for pay, whether for self, agencies, for major figures or on the side. these are cats getting their art grind on!
Cartoonist of the Year
sequential artists who wreck shop. writer-artists get preference in this category. pencillers and inkers should be in the artist/illustrator category. who they work for is less important than what they create.
Video of the Year
dope music video. creativity, camera direction, costumes... and a good song doesn't hurt either!
Album of the Year
the best damn hip hop record, period.

Television Show of the Year
Animated or live action. Comedy or Drama. I don't watch a lotta tv, so help out!
Athlete of the Year
this one is pretty self-explanitory. who showed out in 2009? (in a good way, so nominating Tiger won't fly this year...)
Movie of the Year
comics adaptations and animation win this category a lot, but action movies, sci-fi and martial arts are all fair game. make a case for your nominee and i'll consider it...
Champion of Children Award
this award goes to the best product (comics, cartoon, music, whatever) made for (or maybe BY) the shorties.
Man/Woman of the Year
who had an impact, not just in his/her area of expertise, but across the board. nominate any artist, musician, actor or other public figure you want. (past nominees include Mos Def, Jay Z, Bono, KRS ONE, and President Obama)

remember, reply in comments or send your list to

p.s. check out last year's winners here!

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