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What Happens in Vegas...

here's some art from my internet home-girl PeanutButterCookiez' story in the comics anthology Drunk, a limited edition joint about Bar Stories. the book is an anthology featuring the work of many talented writers and artists, so watch the youTube video for more preview art or go to for more info and to order. there's only a few left, so get yours asap.

dope artwork can STILL sell the record!

okay, so my homegirl PeanutButterCookiez did this fly album cover for Rain All Day (click the pic to enlarge) by this hip hop crew called The Nope. the artwork was tight enough that i decided to listen to the song (which she had on her profile). so, after about 4 bars of finely tuned lyricism, i went to the group's profile for more, and before long i was on my blog, pasting together this post. so what's my point? listen to the snippets and if you are impressed like i was, go to The Nope's mySpace and listen to the songs for free (or buy 'em at, and remind them that it all happened because they had DOPE artwork!

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You Know You Want It...

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