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The GhettoManga Sweet Christmas Special features a gallery of tribute art dedicated to Marvel's blaxploitation-era superhero creation, the newly emergent Luke Cage (starting with this cover by Zees Moreno, an homage to Cage's debut, Hero for Hire #1). There's are also a a brilliant article by World of Hurt author Jay Potts, Corance's top 5, new comics from Zees and Dan Fu, and more!
(back issues now available via IndyPlanet!)
52 pages, full color
magazine sized 
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GhettoManga Quarterly


BLACK COMIX:African American Independent Comics, Art and Culture- In light of the comics boom that has taken place over the past 10 years, the artists, writers and publishers that make up the vibrant African American independent comics community have remained relatively unknown – until now. Black Comix brings together an unprecedented collection of largely unheard of, and undeniably masterful, comics art while also framing the work of these men and women in a broader historical and cultural context.

I was able to get a few copies of this beautiful hardcover from the publisher at a good  price, so I can pass it on to my people.
Yeah... that's my drawing of Li'l Madd Skillz from Champion of Children on the back cover!!!
Foreword by Keith Knight featuring art and interviews with over 50 contributors, including Phonzie Davis, Jan-Michael Franklin, Frances Liddell, Kenjji Marshall, Lance Tooks, Rob Stull, Ashley A. Woods and many, more, the cross section of comics genres represented includes manga, superheroes, humor, history, science fiction and fantasy. This book is a must-have for comics readers. 

11.5 x 9 Hardcover
Full Color

176 pages.

Thirty bucks plus shipping

SPONTANEOUS 2008- After a long hiatus, ghostWerks presents the new Annual series Spontaneous, featuring Samax's freestyle title comic, plus tons of extra material including full-color sketches and illustrations, letting you inside the mind and life of GhostWerks and GhettoManga mainstay, Samax Amen.
magazine size TPB, full color
62 pages. perfect bound.
Twenty bucks 
Hardcover also available for $45.

Spontaneous 2008

CHAMPION of CHILDREN: The Legend of Challenge
This 40 page smash sees the five year old Champion Little Madd Skillz and her friends (Junior Raw, Crybaby, Burner and more... ) defend the playground from an alien attack in their biggest adventure yet. PLUS the first appearance of fan-fave ROWDY! Classic super-powered fun for All-ages! 
40 pages b&w
just three bucks

GhostWerks Comics #1 - This whoppin' 48 page joint has it all! crime-fightin'-families, animal-rights activism, pacifist polar bears, and much,much, MORE! the PERFECT way to get acquainted with the originators of "ghetto manga!"
48 pages b & w
just three bucks

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