I drew Dark City Comics' flagship character Epic

Here's a drawing I did this weekend of Epic for my Custom Art Sale. After Lonnie Lowe Jr. reached out to me to draw his company's flagship character, I looked into him a little...
colors by Brian Fajardo
It doesn't look like Lonnie's company Dark City Comics has any books out yet, but it looks like EPIC #1 is in production now, with art by Cyrus Hakim Hunter, who is nice with it. Here's some stuff I found on Facebook.

EPIC's wristbands are ancient artifacts that bestow upon him all kinds of cool powers, which I will not give away. Just based on the info the author gave me to do my piece, I'm looking forward to seeing more from Dark City, and EPIC in particular. Click here to check out the Dark City Facebook page, and I'll keep you posted here as well. Finally, If you wanna see process art from my Epic piece, click here.



  1. Thanks again Samax amen. I got the original in the mail a few days ago. I'll be frame shopping all weekend. Definitely looking forward to more work from you.

  2. You're welcome, fam. So glad you like it! Your boy SMASHED the colors, too!