PREVIEW- Voodoo #0

 I have heard both bad and good reports about Voodoo, and I haven't read it to say who's right. All I can say is the previews look great and hint at an interesting storyline...

Here's the Sales pitch:
The truth about Pris is revealed at last as she sets off on a mission for vengeance that can only end in genocide!

Nice. I'm not made outta money, or I'd be setting some of  it aside to get this comic right now. Sam Basri's art is beautiful... I don't know if he's coloring his own pages, but whoever colored this did a fabulous job. Voodoo Vol. 1: What Lies Beneath, which collects the first story arc of the New 52 Voodoo series, drops October 2nd (you can click here to preorder it now on Amazon). As for the preview above, Voodoo #0 goes on sale September 26th.


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