the More the Merrier

More by Mars Ill f/Ahmad
i've been a fan of mars ILL for so long, it doesn't even seem right that all my people aren't gonzo for them... this joint is from the latest record, Pro Pain... this track is especially fresh 'cause that dude Ahmad (yeah, THAT Ahmad) comes in with a little of that Wes' Coast to make the cypher complete.

the Dirty...

it's official. at least according to the FBI... in a report published by the Bureau, Dallas was named the most Dangerous City in America. yep, Dallas had the highest rate of violent crime of any large city. more than New York, Los Angeles or Houston...

bragging rights for thug rappers in Big D, aka Dirty D...
tuck your chains, fam...


elephant City is coming...

people close to me have started to notice my love of drawing girls with elephants... this points to a book i'm working on called Elephant City that will feature the images.

the completion of the book is still far off, but for now you can cop merch featuring the book's first completed image. follow this link to merch with the purple pachyderm...


The Bionic Woman is here!!!

heeeere we go... amputee Claudia Mitchell has stepped into the world of our imagination. She is the first woman (joining Jesse Sullivan) to recieve a fully functioning bionic arm. it's still a little crude and misshapen, BUT it responds to her nerve impulses, not just muscle flexion, so the arm is a huge step to a world more like the one in comics and cartoons.

"I can flex my elbow and open and close my hand with the mere thought of doing it," she said. cool, huh?

just thought this was interesting...

remember the Titans...

yep. i'm officially on the
Teen Titans Go bandwagon!
it's funny, irreverant, and in the tradition of Batman the Animated Series, Robin beats the crap outta any bad guy he comes across. i'm sayin' maaaaad fisticuffs!
that's all for now...

Ross Campbell Interview

just read a great in-depth interview with Ross Campbell, creator of The Abandoned and Wet Moon. in the interview, he gets into his relationship with Wetmoon publisher Oni Press, as well as Abandoned publisher Tokyopop. he explains how he manages to draw such varied (and variously hot) female characters, his preferences of media, possible future projects, and his love of the South.

check out the interview, his website, or (if you're really smart) both.


Bionic Six

ah the eighties... despite, crack, reaganomics, and that "rap crap", the eighties also brought us the end of that pesky racism problem! don't believe me? well, how else do you explain the Bionic Six? i mean, how else does one explain a multi-racial family of cyberneticly powered superheroes? do YOU have a better explanation?

didn't think so. i mean, SOME people might see a few stereotypical depictions in the first episode, but those people are just jaded and evil...
anyways, have fun, and keep hope alive!!!


Knowledge Reigns Supreme...

no matter who you are, or where you come from, if you love hipHop, you need to give props to the blastmaster KRS One... relax, fam... i'm not one of these quivering hip hop acolytes that worships KRS and considers everything he says a holy proclamation. i just dig the pure heart he comes with, and the fact that he doesn't care if people hate him or love him: whether it's saying that multiplatinum rappers are not sellouts because "at least a sellout has an agenda" or questioning the motives of righteous humility, KRS frames everything through the eyes of an old soul who found himself just in time for hip hop's entry onto the world's grand stage.

in an interview that's gotta be seen to be believed, KRS breaks down his personal history with hipHop, as well as outlining where it's going. my boy Khalid posted the interview on blogSteelo, so by all means, take a minute to check it out and comment here, or on khalid's blog...


the samaxAmen teeshirt/merch

here's the updated artwork for my new tee. those who have asked for gorgeous Destroyer shirts in the past, and i promised i'd get to it, here it is!
click on the pic and buy some junk.
thanks fam!

Felipe V. Deadlines (round one: FIGHT!)

those down with ghettoManga from the start already know my favorite book:MBQ... by the illest man alive, Felipe Smith. this one man army writes, draws, letters, and promotes his book solo (no easy feat, i'll tell you...) all under the watchful eye of tokyopop, his publisher. point being, like all his other rabid fans,
what's the hold up?
click the pic and find out...

the Healing...

in case you're new around here, i've been crowing about this group from waco, tx called The Strange Fruit Project for some time now. part Blackstar, part Outcast, and very, very Texas, this southern fried soul-clappin' rap crew is poised to be the next big thing (or maybe the next medium thing... this is INDIE hipHop after all...). they have the lyrics, the steez, and the best producer this side of 9th Wonder (i think s-1's better than 9th Wonder, but that's just me...). with the recent release of their third record The Healing, it looks like some pretty important people are starting to share my enthusiasm:

"Most of my iPod is just a random 9000 song trip and occasionally I have to walk up to it/pull it out of pocket and see who it is. The artist I did that the most to was Strange Fruit Project..."
-Ahmir ?uestLove Thompson of The Roots

the hard-working/hard-touring Trio of s-1, myth and myone ("my own") are kicking out some imaginative, sexy, soulful music... and these days they're getting a little help from their friends. s1's excellent beats recieve support from Jake One, illMind, nicolay, Vitamin D, and the aforementioned 9th Wonder. on the mic they get love from Thesis, Darrien Brockington, Little Brother, and the REAL Queen of Texas hipHop, Erykah muthaF%^$in' Badu (reckanize!)
anyways, props to my girl Syma, who hipped me to the SFP myspace profile. go peep some fresh music, pictures, videos, an' alladat... or just cop some music! all three platters (From Devine, Soul Travellin', The Healing) get the thumbs up from ya boy, so you can't go wrong fam!

Mos Def Arrested

according to SoHH, the mighty Mos Def was arrested thursday night in New York. his crime? trying to give heads a free rap show: Mos pulled up outside the MTV Video Music Awards in a flat-bed truck around 10 pm and gave an impromptu show to the audience gathered there.

The Brooklyn bred rapper reportedly performed his song "Katrina Clap," which attacks President George W. Bush's administration's slow response to Hurricane Katrina, before NYPD officers told him and his entourage to pull the plug and began making arrests.

Mos Def's publicist Carleen Donovan had this to say: "Mos Def was not out to break any laws. His only goal was to heighten the awareness of a serious situation that still exists in our country," Donovan explained via a statement. "He does not want people to forget that although its one year later, the people and cities hit by the hurricane still need the help of the American people."

this goes under the category of "don't New York cops have anything better to do..?" apparently not... again, you can peep the article in its entirety on Sohh...



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