Pencilism Returns?

looks like my man Randolph "Pencilism" Williams is back at the drawing board crafting new comics starring Nefertiti Jones! as longtime readers know, when Pencilism last took the art honors on Southside Nefertiti, i suggested they should have him redraw writer/artist Mike Sales early issues... and it looks like they are taking the advice! according to Sales, Williams is tightenin' up Southside Nefertiti: Remix (Fist of the Southstar), a new graphic novel due out this spring!
i'm all excited!

Thank You Mister Bush!!!

bet you never thought you'd hear me say that!
props to PurpleZoe... cause i stole it from her blog!

Homecoming by John Forte f/Talib Kweli
and here's a Chubb Rock joint for good measure...

ABC's Knaan, f/Chubb Rock

Rhymefest Strikes Again...


This is a response to what Charles Hamilton said about Rhymefest in the other night’s battle against Serius Jones.

Rhymefest - SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese)

Off Rhymefest’s upcoming The Manual mixtape

Update: Fest explains the record here.

Somebody Buy Me This!

okay, times are tight, but i GOTS ta have that new Scott Pilgrim!!! yep, Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe drops next week (Feb 4th), and i reeeeeeally want it, so if you buy it for me, I'll hook you up with something fresh! if one of YOU doesn't buy it for me... i'll uh, buy it myself. but, if you read this review on CBR and i think you'll agree i deserve it!
that's all...

Attack of the Clones

Clones by The Roots.
this is one of my favorite Roots songs of all time. Dice Raw gives his best collabo verse, and this beat is pure fire. My favorite Roots album is Phrenology, but Illadelph Halflife comes reeeeal close, mostly because of this track. lead emcee, the under-appreciated Black Thought is in rare form, and like i said before, Dice Raw doesn't get any better than this! cop Illadelph Halflife any which way you can (like by clicking the pic on the left), but right now just take a few minutes to peep Clones!

Beats by the Page...

comics. hipHop. news. art. culture. that's the line here at ghettoManga, right? it could also be the motto for Jim Mahfood, who dropped the third installment of his extra-fresh Mixtape artbook series. click the pic to get a preview of Mixtape Vol 3.
the sales pitch:
"This volume is all about the funky full-color illustrations featuring MAHFOOD's bizarre and unique characters, gorgeous girls, rock stars, b-boys, mexican wrestlers, beat bees, and more. A must-have for art lovers and MAHFOOD fans alike!"

son flipped the Billie Jean beat...

BILLIE JEAN THEME from Deep Rooted on Vimeo.
okay, so Deep Rooted got the ill mike jack sample, and some old-fashioned beat-juggling on that video. but that's the warm-up for the main event, From The Heart, which features ghettoManga Award-nominated emcee Blu (the "i'm the rapper" half of Blu&Exile) on the track, which ya'll can cop by clickin' the pic.

Deep Rooted feat. Blu - From the Heart

Three For One, homes...

what up, party people? here's the next three pages of art from the ultra-keen super-secret comics project i'm working on for a client.

My Superman is Black

Grant Morrisson, writer of many of my favorite comics, has tripped out on some of that good ish once again. in this scene from Final Crisis #7, not only is the President black, but he's also Superman! oh, yeah... Wonder Woman's black too...
click the pic to check it out.

where she at?

D-Nice Presents True Hip-Hop Stories: Monie Love from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Now, Whose Flat-Top Rules in '89?

there's a new Big Daddy Kane documentary comin' fam!

...posted for the cover art alone


Mic Terror links up with Travis McCoy from The Gym Class Heroes for a track off his King of the New School tape (Hosted by DJ Moon Dawg), dropping everywhere tomorrow.

Mic Terror feat. Travis McCoy - Snow Globe

free download copped from


Dude Got Me Seein' Redd!

St. Louis painter and cartoonist Dan Zettwoch hooked up several paintings and drawings of the late master comedian Redd Foxx as part of a series of pieces about famous people from his city. he explores Redd's Early career in stand-up as well as his iconic role as everyone's favorite junk-man!
peep his blog for more of this fabulous stuff!


"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
- President Barack Obama

Diez, Familia

that's Ten in spanish... the saga continues...


"There are cultural sectors that conventional publishing isn't serving."
Lev Grossman
(read about the past, present, and future of publishing here)

that girl is Poison!

master comic book cover artist Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, Unknown Soldier) gets loose on this ignorant animated trailer/Adult Swim proposal... i thought it was funny anyways...

it's BIGGER than Hip Hop...

leave it to me to report the download of tracks from the soundtrack to Afro Samurai: Resurrection without even knowing about the actual show itself! but, yeah, the new joint is being broadcast tonight at 10pm (9 central) on Spike TV. so now ya know! if watch it tonight, come over here after that and leave comments!

change i can believe in...

Federal Bureau of Hotness featuring Dwayne Perkins

good wood

Portuguese craftsman Carlos Alberto made this ill Vespa out of laminated hardwood. not very "hood" but still very gangster...

Heath Holds It Down for Dark Knight

the Oscar nominations have been announced, and while Heath Ledger received a nod for his turn as the Joker, The Dark Knight wasn't nominated for Best Picture or Director. the noirish vigilante sequel snagged a total of 8 nominations. for a full list of nominees go here

Jamar Gets VIOLENT!!!

that dude Jamar Nicholas (Detective Boogaloo) has been tapped to do the graphic novel adaptation of Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America an assignment that marks a next step for the Philly-based cartoonist. in addition to advancing his career, this gig appeals to Jamar for other reasons.
“…When Beacon Press approached me with the opportunity to do a graphic adaptation of Geoffrey Canada’s memoir Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America" says Jamar, "I read his book and saw myself in its pages. I knew exactly what a young Geoff went through, growing up in an unforgiving South Bronx neighborhood in the 1960s. Never mind that his story took place 15 years before I was born, I felt instantly connected. This same story is repeated every day in every inner city in the country but with higher, deadlier stakes at earlier ages. The only difference is that I didn’t worry about getting shot when I was a kid - that’s not the case, nowadays.”

Dr. Manhattan Makes the World Safe for Democracy

New Dr. Manhattan Newsreel.
now that the legal battle between Warner Brothers and Fox is over, we can look forward to peeping Watchmen in theaters March 6th. the promotional blitz is now officially on, and the WB has dropped this newsreel of Watchmen's nuclear übermensch, Dr. Manhattan. if you wanna read the book before you see the movie, cop a paperback copy of Watchmen here.

cop The Wire Complete Series for 67% off!

The Wire: The Complete Series is available on for a MEASLY $82 (retail is $250). this is a one day only deal, but if you can scrounge the funds, you NEED to cop it! The Wire is one of the best teevee shows EVER and most definitely gets the ghettoManga seal of approval, cousin!
click the pic above to go to Amazon and COP IT!

Diggin' In the Crates...

Spider-Man is my favorite super hero, so when people ask for spidey Sketches, i pretty much kill it every time. i did this one a long time ago at San Diego Comic Con in a fan's sketchbook. it's not necessarily the best Spidey drawing i ever did, but it's my favorite.
i drew this with Khalid's prisma markers and a micron.

Looking Presidential...

okay, so there's a black president... i guess i need to get my ish together then, huh? anyways, before Marvel paired Obama with spidey for five pages, IDW actually did a full comic bio of the brotha from anotha mother to give props to the democratic candidate (don't hate republicans, they did one for your guy too...). now that he's won and been sworn in, IDW is dropping the remix, Presidential Material: Barack Obama (in stores Feb. 4). click the pic to peep a 12 page preview.

Rorschach Tee Design

with the legal battle over Watchmen film settled, and the first black President sworn in, we can move on to more pressing matters... like copping this fresh Rorschach Tee at so i can get it in time for the Watchmen's opening opening on march 6th.

because I demanded it...

that dude Mike Hawthorne is kicking around the idea of collecting Hysteria into a trade paperback. go over to his blog and leave a comment telling him what a good idea that is, so i... i mean we can preorder that joint at a tasty discount! and tell 'im ya heard the news on ghetto

Deviation of the Day

designs for Spectacular Spiderman by Cheeks

Destructive Testing pt 1

Unbelievable: The Notorious Edition (Mixtape)


1. Diddy Intro
2. Biggie and The Clipse: Blow
3. Biggie and Jay-Z: Brooklyn Go Hard
4. Biggie, Game, and Darien Brockington: On Top (Produced by The Kickdrums)
5. Biggie and AZ: Brooklyn
6. Biggie, Craig Mack and LL Cool J: The Flavor (produced by Frequency)
7. Biggie and Big L: Let The Games Begin
8. Biggie & Redman: Machine Gun Funk (produced by DJ Premier)
9. Diddy Interlude
10. Biggie and Fashawn: Going Back To Cali (produced by Remot)
11. Biggie and Kanye West: Kicks Open Doors
12. Biggie and Jadakiss: All Day Every Day
13. The Madd Rapper: Still Mad Interlude
14. Biggie and Lil Kim: Only One Thing
15. Biggie and Young Chris: Young G’s Part 2 (Produced by Moss)
16. Diddy Interlude
17. Biggie and Jay-Z: The Commission
18. Biggie and Gravy: Ready To Die
19. Biggie and Nas: It Aint Hard To Tell
20. Biggie and Prodigy: Escape From NY
21. Biggie and Sheek: Things Change (produced by nVMe)
22. Diddy Interlude
23. Biggie and Lil Wayne: If You See Me (Produced by Garbs)
24. Biggie and Mobb Deep: Last Dayz.
25. Diddy Outro
26. Biggie, Big Daddy Kane, Ms. Jade: Set It Off

Download: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present Unbelievable: The Notorious Edition

courtesy of


stay focused guys, it won't be long...

X-Men Origins:Wolverine will be here soon enough...

a new American fairy tale

Promo art for the upcoming Disney flick, the Princess and the Frog starring Anika Noni Rose (Dreamgirls) which appears to be coming right along... I told you guys previously that either Jennifer Hudson or Alicia Keys would get the lead in this, but i think this is a good casting... probably cheaper too... The Princess and the Frog will hit theaters this year. click here for more info.

okay, I'm checkin' for this...

NEXT DAY AIR trailer

trailer for Next Day Air starring Donald Faison, Mike Epps, and the Mighty Mos Def

page N9ne

An American Icon Passes

post by Mike Lagocki
Andrew Wyeth, a painter of significant importance in the American landscape, died today. He was 91. When Samax and I were in art school, his images were shown to us often. There's a lot to learn about painting in Andrew Wyeth's work.

Oh NO they DIDN'T!!!

Jim Rhodes AKA War Machine understands that a mercenary's gotta eat. really he does... he ain't hatin' or nothin', but when they start abducting and beatin' up on the sistas... aw HELL NAW!
Watch Rhodey put the grown man bidness to these suckas in War Machine #2...for a free preview go here

the Female of the Species...

those crazy kids at Marvel are at it again... they've relaunched that book we all hate to love to hate,the struggling Black Panther. i'm not sure what to say about the idea of relaunching the book with the same writer, but Ken Lashley is looking as good as i've ever seen him under the brush of inking juggernaut Paul Neary.
the twist? in Black Panther #1 T'challa is missing, and a new female Panther is on the scene. like i said, i'm not sure about this... peep the preview and get back to me fam!

next page

Page 8 of the secret comic i'm workin' on for a client...
stay tuned!

T'ing of the Week


it's Watermelon Wednesday on the Binkis Recs blog (no, really!), so that dude Flux found these fresh Watermelon Kicks by Mike Perry. i wasn't gonna find anything flyer than that, so this is gonna be the ghettoManga T'ing of the Week. click the pic to go to the Binkis blog for more Watermelon Wednesday goodness, or click the "ting" label if ya wan peep more T'ing!


Afrocentric Sound System

The RZA ft. Kool G. Rap, Ghostface Killah, & Tash Mahogan - Whar

Draw till you Fall

Brother Ro by samax. paper mate and brush pen on typing paper
what up, fam! just keeping busy, drawing like it's no tomorrow! like this portrait of Brotha Ro i was commissioned for on mySpace. besides that i'm still head-and-shoulders deep in a comics project for a client, and getting ready for a couple local shows... plus daddy day care with Marley makes the cipher complete!
anyways, thanks for the support guys!
stay tuned...

the early Blu period

by Blu and Exile

Wolverine v. Hulk

Hulk and Wolverine will collide on the DVD Hulk VS. which comes out January 27th.

maintain your Temple, homey!

click to enlargesome good info from my man Robert Trujillo of Come Bien Books.
get at him to subscribe to the Trust Your Struggle Newsletter, and tell him you saw it on

hoop dreams...

the Image of the Month for January on is this sketch of Baby Allah, the lead character of Ballerz, a comic property i've been developing for a while now. Ballerz will follow the exploits of a basketball team that trades for a ball-player with All-star skills but rap star drama. the book will feature an ensemble cast, and non-stop action on (and off) the court.
anyways, there's merch featuring this sketch of Baby Allah in the Ziontific store!

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