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So what did you think of the Jessica Jones trailer?

I finally watched the new trailer for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Netflix joint Jessica Jones.  Jessica Jones is a retired superhero who pays her bills as a private detective on the men streets of Hell's Kitchen. My main interest in Jessica Jones is her involvement with my dude Luke Cage (who will appear on her show before getting his own show) and the close geographical relationship to Daredevil, the wildly popular Netflix show that paved the way for this one...

Gza's magnum opus "Liquid Swords" finally reaches ONE MILLION copies sold.

Nuff Respect to the GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, whose classic album Liquid Swords recently reached the platinum threshold...

Start the day off right with Bavu Blakes and Element7D (collectively known as World Trade)

I've found that if you face who you are
The hustle's that much simpler to do
The possibilities are to the stars
Despite what they done told you
Baby you can show, oooooo...
(do it, do it)

In Stores Now- TECH JACKET #11 by @JoeKeatinge and @KharyRandolph

Before The Walking Dead turned Kirkman into a television personality, he launched a few comic books (including his sci-fi space hero comic Tech Jacket), looking to expand on the success of what was (at that time) the feel-good story of his career: Invincible. Of course, when AMC turned his post- zombie- apocalyptic opus into a small-screen smash, his priorities shifted along with his tax bracket.  Freed from the need to write a gajillion books to keep the lights on, Kirkman has gone mogul, hiring writers to keep the secondary titles rolling.
Tech Jacket is pretty fresh. Post-Kirkman, the ongoing Tech Jacket series is written by Joe Keatinge (Glory) with art by Khary (rhymes with Atari) Randolph (Starborn, Charismagic). Peep...

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