Blackest Terror Fan Art by Pharoah Bolding

Here's a fan art of Eric Esquivel's The Blackest Terror by the mighty (and mighty funny) Pharoah Bolding (The Dot). Here's some blahzay blah from the Pharoah himself below

LADIES!!! Buy your man THIS card for Valentine's Day! He will LOVE it... TRUST ME!

 This is one of my favorite pieces I've ever done. My goal is to sell 100 of these greeting cards between now and Valentine's Day! $4 each. Peep the inside of the card below...

Cop this CLASSIC album "MM... FOOD" by MF DOOM for just SIX BUCKS! #iGotItForCheap

 "To all rappers shut up! And while you're shuttin' up, keep a shirt on, at least a button-up" 

PROCESS VIDEO- Kenjji draws The Brother

As you may know, I'm (slowly) doing the art on a book called The Brother about a super-powerful African time-traveler, written by Jay Kelley. When he approached me to do it, I immediately thought to myself (after "thank you God for this gig!") "That one dude Kenjji should be drawing this..." So, I'm pleased to see that Jay tapped Kenjji to do this illustration! Here's some process video on this illustration...

Wishlisted- "The Black Panthers for Beginners" by Herb Boyd and Lance Tooks

The Black Panthers is one of the most misunderstood groups in history for a whole host of reasons. I was very pleased when that dude John Jennings shared this book Black Panthers for Beginners illustrated by our Black Comix bredren Lance Tooks (Lucifer's Garden of Verses, Narcissa).

Peep this new video from Fort Nox (Funkytown Stand UP!!!)

I been feeling pretty crappy this week, so I was in the right mood to hear this heist record Buck from Fort Nox.

In stores today: Green Lantern #16

I haven't been reading the new Green Lantern book starring Simon Baz, so I can't speak much to the character the story leading up to Green Lantern #16, but I really enjoyed this preview.

Your man DISTRAKT is at it again!

Check out this new pilot for SCAR: The Animated Series by Distrakt.

OH SNAP! The "Rotten Apple (one shot)" by Sanford Greene is out!

 Whoa... this one got by me while I had my head down on some deadline isht. The Rotten Apple (one-shot) collects Sanford Greene's dystopian post-zombie action serial from Dark Horse Presents 2-5. Peep this 8 page preview...

Doctor King would approve...

On this lovely Martin Luther King weekend, I'm forced to say that while racism is still a problem, I'm encouraged at the number of white fans I encounter who can look at black characters and other creations of black cartoonists and say "That comic is for me! I want that..."

DOPE Mr T speedsketch video by Kenjji

My fellow Black Comix bredren Kenjji posted this dope illustration of a young Mr. T on Facebook and I couldn't resist sharing it with you...

There's actually THREE Sales for fans of my art...

There's actually THREE sales going on RIGHT NOW that you can take advantage of if you like my art...

HOLY CRAP!!! This cartoon looks HARD!

Maybe it's because I've had my head down trying to make deadlines, but I had no idea about Urbance -the hip hop cartoon by Joel Dos Reis Viegas that takes the battle of the sexes to a whole new level- Until pointed me to this trailer on Twitter...

In Stores NOW- "FREELANCERS #3" by Eric M. Esquivel and Joshua Covey

Two issues in, I officially fux with FREELANCERS, the over-the-top girl dirty-workers-for-hire comic from BOOM! Studios. Originally created by Ian Brill and the mighty Felipe Smith, the comic is actually drawn by Joshua Covey, and number 3 marks the freebird writing debut of our lil homie Eric M Esquivel (Blackest Terror, Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ). Here's a preview...

Napoleon Da Legend + Sean Price = Hell YUP!

Y'all know I cuts for Napoleon Da Legend, and I also gotta salute the vet Sean Price... so I had to stop what I was doing to share this cut Wise Men (featuring Sean Price) off Napoleon's upcoming album Awakening.

Dope Django fan art sketchvid by Dawud Anyabwile!

Peep the speed sketch video of this fresh Django Unchained fan art by the mighty Dawud Anyabwile (Brotherman).

Why YES, I DO draw comics...

For those who don't check my humble art blog, here's some pages from a 9-page comic I'm working on for a client...

PODCAST- Definitive (and hilarious) "Django Unchained" review by Black Girl Nights

Here's a very entertaining spoiler-rich discussion of Django Unchained by the dynamic duo Congolesa Rice and Nigeria Jones ('longside producer and token white dude Mickey).

QUICK REVIEW: "Adventuretime with Fiona and Cake" #1 (of 6)

I'm sure there were people out there more excited about the Adventure Time spinoff comic Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake than I was, but I was pretty freaking pumped! BFFs Fiona and Cake are the gender-flipped alterverse versions of Adventure Time stars Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. But the fun doesn't stop there, as Fiona and Cake share this six issue series with gender-bent doppelgangers of all our favorite inhabitants of the world of Oo.

From the maker of "True Blood": BANSHEE: ORIGINS (30 page preview)

 The fine folks at Cinemax are debuting their new crime drama BANSHEE tonight. The series stars Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, hard-hustling thief posing as the sheriff of Banshee, Pennsylvania. Because there's no such thing as half-way crooks, Mister Hood launches a new slate of criminal enterprises from Banshee, while awaiting the vengeance of the Russian gangsters he screwed over in his past life.
Anyways, Cinemax and IDW put together a prequel to get you up to speed on all that gangster shit. Peep the 30 page preview BANSHEE:ORIGINS below...

Star Wars cover art by Mike Hawthorne

Friend and GhettoManga Quarterly contributor Mike Hawthorne drew this fresh cover to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Defenders of the Lost Temple trade. Peep a preview of the interiors by Ben Bates and Michael Atiyeh, and some process art below...

PREVIEW- Prophet #32

I love all the artists employed on Brandon Graham’s lovingly weird retooling of Rob Liefeld’s sci-fi superhero comic Prophet (including Graham’s own art on the series), but after reading this preview of Prophet #32, I’m reminded why I still think the perfect artist for the series is Simon Roy.

PREVIEW- "Glory #31" by Joe Katinge and Ross Campbell

I love Ross Campbell, but how do you follow this cover by Nate Bellegarde? This preview from Glory #31 is gonna give it a try...

#nowPlaying- "Chilean Rap Terror" by Grey Matter

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