Cop this CLASSIC album "MM... FOOD" by MF DOOM for just SIX BUCKS! #iGotItForCheap

 "To all rappers shut up! And while you're shuttin' up, keep a shirt on, at least a button-up" 

What more can be said about the underground classic album MM...Food by the mighty MF DOOM? Nothin', that's what! Just shut up and listen, tough guy...
Just kidding, it's the internet, fam! Talk all you want! I can't hear you...
Anyways, my dude Oladele shared a song off MM...Food earlier today, and I couldn't stop thinking about random snippets on that joint. I didn't have it, so I looked on Amazon, and copped that joint for just six bucks... Click here to get your copy for cheap!
What's your favorite song off this record?


Jamar Nicholas said...



samax amen said...

That one's bumping right now!

"look like a black Wookie when he let his beard grow.
Weirdo, brown skinded always keep his hair low..."

Tehron Freeman said...

I have all his albums bro. Great mc. You did not have to pay for that classic tho :) doom ain't gonna see that money :)

samax amen said...

I vote with my dollar whenever I can, and encourage others to do the same. I won't be surprised if no one listens.

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