#nowPlaying "Homecoming" by Venomous2000 + DJ Priority f/ Marie Kanu

It's real easy in the digital age to claim to be an artist, a writer, an emcee, or whatever... any fool can put up a blog or website, upload some content they made ten years ago, and promote the hell out of it like it's new. But the REAL artist can beat you over the head with brand new content until you HAFTA recognize the skills! Venomous2000 and DJ Priority did not need to whip me into submission... I was immediately impressed on first exposure to their Jersey-bred true school hip hop brilliance. However, their catalog is deep enough to beat a hater senseless if the need arises, so be advised...
This song Homecoming is off the upcoming plate Pre-Legendary Status. Like the clever promo artwork above, Homecoming serves up three vignettes of weary travelers looking to return to the home they left behind what seems like ages ago. Venomous is, as usual sick on the mic and Priority serves up a worthy canvas for the emcee to paint on. Vocalist Marie Kanu drops just enough sweet on the hook to make it blend without stealing anybody's shine. 
Good stuff.  Click here to download Homecoming for $1.

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