"I ain't stressin' no depression. I'ma learn to rejoice. The world is overcome already, I'm just usin' my voice..." -Krum

Currently at the library bumping that Bare Knuckle Gospel, a fine example of Dallas hip hop from Krum (the artist formerly known as Playdough) and the mighty deejay Rob Viktum, in my headphones.  I'm listening to it for the first time right now, and really enjoying it.  I'm not sure when I will have time to properly review it, so here you go:

Respect the Architects: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Spanish master comic book artist Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez moved comics forward with realistic anatomy, brilliant layouts, and attention to detail. He helped define the DC standard look for generations.

You probably had his art on a t-shirt or a lunchbox or a pillow case as a kid.

Preview some new pages from the incredible wrassling comic BAMN!

My man Troy-Jeffery Allen sent me a press release and some preview art for his fun-filled wrestling webcomic BAMN.  Peep...

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