So Fresh, So Clean...

if this isn't a first... it's the first I ever heard of it... Rachel Rage Soap (designed to coincide with the release of the new OGN) wins the ghettoManga T'ing of the Week! definitely the most creative comics promo item i've seen in a long time!
props to for bringin' the sweet savour of brown sugar to the game!

Deviant of the Day

lil' lord vader by ~HUMPHREYSIR
now THAT would'a made a hard prequal...

Dallas Penn and The VILLAIN

that dude Dallas Penn dropped this extra-ill video he made for the MF DOOM track Microwave Mayonaisse, off'a DOOM'S bangin' new plate Born Like That. props to Jamar for emailin' this to me! this is the illest thing ever! click the pic for the director's commentary from the dead serious action figure film maker!

Deviant of the Day

Blue Period by ~KidKalig aka Khary (like Atari) Randolph
hot stuff...

Osama can't F with Cobra Commander...

it looks like all the kids from my generation are fiinally starting to be decision-makers... because this is the GI JOE cartoon we all wanted to see. there's no parachute escape from crashing helicopters, no dudes leaping out of tanks before they catch on explode, no shootouts without casualties... just gunclapping, neck-slicing, wrist-breaking action! and if you think Cobra isn't a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world... well, just press play.

Yo, JOE!

Introducing the newest member to the JOE team! HEAVY DUTY signs up and takes aim—but at who? Meanwhile, the stage has been set for a harrowing battle between the fledgling G.I. JOE team and the mysterious new villain CHIMERA—but is there more to him behind the mask?
yeah, that dude Mike Hawthorne joins veteran (pun intended) JOE scribe Larry Hama, and they are straight smashing on this series... it'd be nice if i thought the movie was gonna be this hot! click the pick for a preview of GI JOE:ORIGINS#3 fam!

What're YOU Gonna DO?!

happy Friday people! here's a panel from the comic I'm working on. this panel is on page 39, from one of my favorite scenes in the script. anyways, hope ya'll are doin' good. i've been so busy with work and the baby, i haven't had much time to reach out to fans, friends and fam... click the picture to let me know what you're up to, and what you're GONNA be up to! or just leave a comment. i'd love to hear from you!

Tyrese takes a shot at Comics

Singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson (Transformers, Baby Boy, 2Fast 2Furious)throws his hat into the the comics game with his action comic Mayhem (see cover below), which will drop as a miniseries from Image Comics this summer.
“I have always been open minded to new things, and I’ve said this a few times: I’m no comic book veteran, but when I went to Comic-Con to promote ‘Death Race,’ that energy out there really did something to me. I had no idea…So that’s when I decided I wanted to not only be a part of this world, but I wanna create something that I know the die hard comic book followers out there would appreciate,” wrote Gibson

when addressing the inevitable skepticism he would get from fans, Tyrese said it wasn’t conceived as some kind of intellectual property generator for movies or teevee.
Mayhem is a true passion project of mine. Right now, I am not worried about the movie, the merchandising, or other ancillary rights that will naturally follow. All I care about is making the best comic book title possible for readers to enjoy,” he explained.
we'll see... the star is clearly a black male action hero... a perfect vehicle that he would own. that said, the best way to make it viable would be to create a GOOD comic and build a fanbase for it over time. i'll bring you more news on this as i get it...

Feelin' Green?

greetings people! cop this free Phil Da Agony track from his Think Green album, where he spits 'longside his StongArmSteady partners Mitchy Slick & Krondon and Talib Kweli.
Phil Da Agony ft. Talib Kweli & SAS - Hunters

Warn the Town

Meet Cherry Nine, the reality TV show star and number one dragon hunter in the world. Cherry has a small drinking problem and weird things are happening with the dragons she hunts. Is she going crazy, or is something else going on? Created and written by Angel Fuentes, illustrated by Ana Bruno, and lettered by Carlos M. Mangual. Alternate cover by Ivonne Falcón.
click the pic to enlarge, and once you stop drooling, preview the book and cop it here.

All for One...

peep the track off Sadat X’s upcoming solo project, Brand New Bein’, due out May 5th.
Sadat X ft. CL Smooth - Nuthin’

Today's Deviation

Kink Radio 4 by ~honkfu

Tweet Tweet my Nuh...

yeah, i'm gonna try this Twitter thing out...
get at me...

Every Word I Say Should Be A Hip Hop Quotable

(click the pics to enlarge) that dude John Aston at has put quotes from ghettoManga on the back cover of not one but TWO new books he's got in the pipe for convention season! the first pic (click to enlarge) is the back cover of that new Rachel Rage OGN i've been geeking to see (so much so i did a fan art piece of the title character). the other is the Trade PaperBack collecting Abusilum, his psycho crime drama that i reviewed last year. both quotes were awesome, if i do say so myself (they could get me to check something out). as i've said before, i'll let you know when these gems drop.

incidentally, if anyone else has used a quote from me on their books or whatever (or if any of you readers out there sees one), let me know and i'll give you another drop!


this is a panel from the comics project i'm working on. makes me laugh every time i look at it, so i figured i'd share it. hope it amuses somebody...

Battle Angel out

if you've never read Battle Angel Alita, you should know it won the 2007 ghettoManga Award for Best Manga. if that (and a permanent spot on the BegBorrowSteal list) doesn't do it for you, i don't know what will! i haven't read the Battle Angel Alita, Last Order vol11: Angel Cake, but when i do, i'll let you know how it was!
in Angel Cake, Master manga creater Yukito Kishiro (Aqua Knight) returns, accompanied by his invincible cyborg sweetheart. Meet Kishiro's latest bevy of bizarre and tormented characters and catch up with your favorite friends and foes!A sophisticated science fiction tale packed with action, humor, and philosophical, historical, and cultural references!

Quote of the Day

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained."
~ Marie Curie (1867- 1934)
French Physicist
Twice Winner of the Nobel Prize

Today's Deviant

Sith Self Portrait by ~Michael Bills

Kweli and Hi Tek are in Here...

Back Again by Reflection Eternal

David Mazzucchelli Returns!

the artist behind two of the best comics stories ever (Batman:Year One, and Daredevil:Born Again) returns to write and draw a brand new 344 page OGN published by Pantheon. Asterios Polyp is the engrossing story of one man’s search for love, meaning, sanity, and perfect architectural proportions. this long-awaited (and well worth it, i bet) epic tale drops June 2nd. the hardcover OGN is $29.95, but you'll save ten bucks if you preorder on (artists LOVE it when people preorder). if you read it before i do, let me know how it was!

Black Thought v. Reality TV

Reality Check by J-Dilla (RIP) w/Black Thought (of the legendary Roots Crew).
check the rhyme: Tariq takes on the inane drivel in your television. i don't wanna give anything away, but er um... thought wins this one again... and of course, it's over a classic Dilla track, so you can't miss! props to fly cartoonist and my favorite illyphunksta, Jamar Nicholas for the link-up!

Open up a CAN on 'em...

of all the comics i forgot to nominate for a ghettoManga Award, Mark Millar and JR,Jr's Kick Ass is the illest! if you don't know, ask somebody (or read my previous post about it). anyways, click the pic for a preview of KickAss#6, which drops April 22nd.

today's Deviant

Hula-Girl Sunset by ShoNuff44

Quote of the Day

"If you’d like to make a career out of [being yourself], perseverance and authenticity are more important than being a genius."
Chris Guillebeau
traveler, blogger, nonconformist.

A Strange Tale

Do you have trouble choosing between wearing your Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange t-shirts? Ever wondered whether the Ultimate Nullifier is more powerful than the Anti-life Equation? Do you like questionable science fiction, trippy artwork, and mystical alien artifacts that have some undefined ability to save the universe... or maybe destroy it? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, you pro'lly wanna check out Winston Blakely's Little Miss Strange.
Little Miss Strange stars Scorpia of Satu, protege of the mysterious council of dimension-hopping alien mages that adopted her after the death of her parents. One of their number has gone rogue, and only Scorpia can stop him from assembling a trio of relics that have the power to unravel the fabric of time and space. like Mike Mignola's Hellboy, Scorpia speaks in an everyman... er, everywoman's voice. while the other characters speak with theatrical flair, Scorpia's no-nonsense chatter comes off like she just stepped out of the beauty shop in your hood.
Blakely falls into a few traps. his page composition, while energetic, can get a little crowded. he doesn't use gutters between panels, and the figures break out of them frequently. these factors, when combined with a badly-placed word balloon here or there, sometimes encourages reading panels and dialogue in the wrong order. Still, the chaotic arrangements and the book's strong, old-school drawings are effective more often than not. fans of the genre will really appreciate the obvious passion Blakely puts into the book, and his humor is very disarming. if books in this genre (like Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, and Adam Warlock) have appealed to you in the past, you oughta enjoy this! cop it on

United SKATES Government

peep this fly ass skate deck from Creative Genius/Denominator Graphics! people in the US and around the world all took a collective sigh of relief when the W and Dick Chain vacated the Oval Office, and CG commemorated that glee with this original deck, which is still for sale, for 54.99. Click the pic if you wanna COP IT!

the Magnificent

True Hip-Hop Stories: Special Ed from D-Nice on Vimeo.

Deviation of the Day

Abraham 2 Cover by Blackstar (aka Stacey Robinson)
this is the cover to the long-awaited second issue of Abraham the Young Lion, which will drop in the coming weeks. peep my review of issue #1 here.

Thinkin' Of A Master Plan...

peep the Long-Awaited animated premier episode of Blokhedz (based on the comic by the Mad Twinz), starring Talib Kweli.
let me know what ya'll think!


if you still think of roadblock as a silly shuck'n jive brother who kicks it with Quick Kick, you need to peep the new GI JOE:ORIGINS series, with art by that dude Mike Hawthorne (Un-Men, Hysteria). ORIGINS is on stands now, but click the pic to can peep this beatdown courtesy of a baaad mutha (SHUTCHO MOUTH!) named Roadblock on Mike's DeviantArt gallery. hot as ever! if you get hooked on Mike's work as a result, make sure he knows ya heard about it on ghettoManga. in the history of the GI JOE comics over the years, Roadblock hasn't looked this real since mike zeck!


(to the beat of Supersonic, the fast part...)
"Revenge of the Nerds but it stars Charles Hamilton.
cause it's like i'm battlin' Lamar with the Javelin.
when did it become cool not to be masculine?
somebody need to go contact his management..."
download the whole mixtape here

not dead, but in need of assistance...
peep this fly joint from herediadesigns.
if you know about real hipHop, share it with a friend (hell! share it with an enemy!)
hip hop needs all the help she can get!

Southern Hostility

i finally colored that Rachel Rage drawing i did awhile ago . hope ya'll like it! Rachel Rage is a blaxploitation-style character that has a new 170-odd page OGN coming out from OldeTowne Comix. i'm geekin' for it, so i'll let you know when it comes out!

Dr. Pepper gives Props to Black Comics Artist

in this video interview, we get a peek inside the mind of Ron Wimberly, the artist behind ghettoManga and Eisner Award Nominated Sentences:The Life of MF Grimm. Wimberly blesses us with a brief discourse on comics and what he tries to accomplish whenever he attacks the medium. click the pic to cop Sentences: The Life Of M.F. Grimm on Amazon.

Mask Appeal...

Chinatown Wars by Ghostface and MF DOOM

Scott Pilgrim movie Vlog is live!

here's the production vlog for the film adaptation of the ghettoManga Award-winning OGN series Scott Pilgrim. Scott Pilgrim single-handedly justifies Canada's existence. this movie better rock, or the state of Michigan's gonna conquer Canada and hand it over to Sara Palin. and who KNOWS what that psycho would do with all the power of CANADA at her disposal!!!! so hopefully, it'll be good...


Fan Art Entry...

Unknown From WetMoon by samax.
so writer/artist Ross Campbell held open submissions for the fan art section of the next volume of his OGN series Wet Moon. so, being a big fan of the series, i busted out this sketch last week in hopes of getting included in the book. at the very least, maybe someone at Oni Press will see my drawing and google me! i should know soon if i made it into the book or not, so i'll let y'all know what happened. in any case, i finished inking the drawing last night, so you can see the finished piece on my art blog.

A Short Film by Rik Cordero

Deeper Than Rap a short film by video director Rik Cordero.
executive produced by Rick Ross.

Blackout 2 is Coming...

Red and Meth feat. Saukrates- A-Yo

Deviant of the Day

After the Rain by =extvia

Biggie Schools Your Ass

This comicbook-style joint is the intro to Will Rouch’s mixtape (Know My Name Vol 1), which finds him traveling back through time to learn all about hip-hop history. He’s guided by a clone of The Notorious BIG who visits him from the future. did you get that? okay, so The art on this is by this cat out of Texas named Profesone, and directed by legendary hip-hop visual artist Skam 2, who was the creative force behind artwork for Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP and A Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes and Life, among others.

The Golden Age of Kung Fu (Corance's Top 5)

posted by Corance (eerily accurate cartoon portrait by samax).
Kung-Fu movies have long been a staple of classic cinema. But, for me, they entered a golden age in the 90's. Before that was an era defined by people like the Shaw Bros., and Gorden Liu. And that was good stuff. But, the kung-fu genre hit a stride when folk like Woo Ping and Jet Li took over. I track this era as being kicked off by New Legend of Shoulin, peaking with Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and ending with either Hero or House of Flying Daggers. The modern era is sort of hit & miss. All in all, quite a ride.It's been a long time, so I thought I'd return to my blog with some top 5 lists of my favorite stuff. I'll begin with my top 5 kung-fu movies of all time, and, hmm, they all seem to be from the 90's... The Golden Age! Coincidence?
5) Iron Monkey: This movie is notable for having one of the best bo-staff fights of all time. It's about Wong Fei Hung, a legend on par with Fong Sai Yuk. There's no Jet Li, but it's directed by Woo Ping, which can be just as good. I like this one, because Fei Hung dons a secret identity as Iron Monkey, giving it a super hero vibe. Also, watch for the scene in which the Buddha Palm is used and leaves a big-ass hand print on Iron Monkey's back. That had me trippin'.
4) King of Beggars: This is one of the cooler titles on this list. It's about a prince who's a master fighter, but also a slacker. His apathy and lack of ambition allows an evil martial-arts master to dethrone the royal family and take over. Tossed out of the palace, the prince lives among China's homeless where he learns the Sleeping Disciple's Fist. With this martial-art, the lazier he is, the more powerful he is. In it's ultimate form, the prince fights while asleep! I've looked all over dallas for a master of this art who would take me as a pupil, but have found no one. So, I'll just have to stay hustlin'.
3) Tai Chi Master A Jet Li joint. This time, with Maggie Yoh costarring. Li plays the creator of the Tai Chi style of kung-fu and is brilliant in showing the changes his character undergoes as he descovers the principles which will one day be the foundation of Tai Chi. As for Maggie Yoh, she just happens to appear in one of the best sword fights in cinematic history as she fights an old master while climbing on and through a wooden platform. This one, as you might guess from the easy-to-pronounce title is easy to find, so please do so.
2) Fong Sai Yuk Good luck finding this one. [EDITOR'S NOTE: I found all these joints on click any pic for a link, if you're in the market!] Kung-Fu movies pay a heavy price for distributing themselves under their Chinese names. Another Jet Li joint, so skillz quotient is high. But, one of the best things about this movie is Josephine Siao as Fong's mama. She has madd skillz, and dead on comedic timing. Fong Sai Yuk II is not as good, but is worth seeing if only for the fight Fong & his mama have with some samurai from Japan.
1) Fire Dragon: Bridget Lin's finest role comes as the title character in Fire Dragon, the greatest martial-arts movie of all time. Fire Dragon is an assassin sent after the emporer, but when a hero in white and a police officer from the palace get close, she goes undercover as a helpless wanderer. Things get complicated when she falls in love with the hero. And, of course, this all leads to lots of sword fighting. It's got everything.
Okay, that's my top 5 martial-arts movies.
I'd be interested to hear any thoughts...
in addition to being one-fifth the mighty ghostWerks crew, Corance is a writer, stand-up philosopher, and co-creator of Champion of Children, the greatest Kids' Comic you've never heard of. now that we have a black president, he is running out of excuses and will probably blow up soon.

Veni, Vidi, Vector

take a good look at the work of one of my favorite young illustrators, Wardell Brown (The Art of War, The Nice Guys Guide To Dating Women, Grover's Mill Theatre). Wardell has just released his new art book War! Veni, Vidi, Vector. a wild cross-section of caricatures, retro cartoons, and stylish vector art. Veni, Vidi, Vector shows the pencil sketches and finished product side by side for comparison. on top of that, son piled on a brief tutorial of how he creates these fly joints for your viewing pleasure. If you like vector-based art or cartoons in general (and i know you do), this book is for you! but don't take my word for it, download a preview here for free. if you're feelin' it, you can cop that joint on his website,
He's been my Deviant of the Day on several occassions, and if this book is any indication, it won't be his last time! this is one cat you need to keep your eye on, cousin!

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