This preview from the latest issue of Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE had me messed up!

Invincible fights his alternate self-eating cannibal doppelganger, and his dimension-hopping enemy Angstrom Levy holds our hero's pregnant girlfriend hostage in this preview of Invincible #104... 

That Angstrom Levy is a bad mutha...
It's been awhile since I read Invincible, and this preview makes me want to go back and catch up!  One of the things Kirkman is the best at is letting plotlines develop, as evidenced by the emergence of Angstrom Levy as a total badass. Invincible's relationship with Atom Eve is a great development as well. Knowing Kirkman the way I do, I just hope Eve doesn't go the way of other unfortunate comic book girlfriends... Now that I think about it, Eve has been quite the punching bag in this book. But I guess every character in Invincible gets a chance to hear the chin music.
Anyways, Invincible #104 came out last week, so you can cop it at your local comic shop, or click here to get it at Things From Another World.


Arkonbey said...

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I've wanted to get into Invincible for years but, by the time I realized it was awesome, I'd be into many, many dollars to get caught up.

Samax said...

I cannot speak highly enough of Invincible. I really do think it is consistently one of the best superhero comic on the stands. Creator-owned and churning out regularly!

Seriously, just buy the trades, one at a time, every now and then.
Great stuff!

AWJ said...

It is totally worth your money...once you start you won't be able to stop.

Samax said...

Word. What Al said!

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