"Public Enemy Changed My Life" by @SamaxAmen

."The minute they SEE me, FEAR me.
I'm the EPITOME! 
-Chuck D

"It's a fact that the ones who don't believe usually the ones who gonna clap when you succeed" -Gaven Hevy

I didn't know what to expect when I got the email promoting the new video for this cat Gaven Hevy's song Crab Legs. But I have a soft spot in my heart for Brooklyn, so I gave it a chance...

"I've always liked to find beauty in the ugly. It became the point of transformation in my drawings" -Rafael Grampa

Here's an artsy little promo piece starring visionary comics creator Rafael Grampa (Mesmo Delivery) that was recently released by Absolut Vodka as part of their ABSOLUT Transform Today series.

#nowPlaying " House of Halogens" (EP) by Methuzulah

I'm doing a lotta drawing today, so I dug up this EP House of Halogens by Methuzulah to serve my background hip hop music needs. Peep it and cop the free download below...

And now, a short Afro Samurai interlude...

RAT QUEENS #2 is in stores now, But YOU ARE NOT READY!!! #begBorrowSteal

 Seriously, yo... turn back NOW before it's too late...

PREVIEW- Skyman #1 from Dynamite Ent.

 I'm not familiar with Captain Midnight, the Darh Horse Comics title that Skyman is spinning out of, but it looks like this book is putting racism front and center, as you can see from this preview...

New SAMURAI JACK comic? Um... Yes, please!

In stores now: Samurai Jack #1 (((airhorn)))

"RISEN"- a rough animatic by Dawud Anyabwile

Here's a cool YouTube clip dropped on the internet by the mighty Dawud Anyabwile, for those who like to look at animatics...

Marvel announces projects with Felipe Smith, Tradd Moore, and Mike Allred at NYCC

 Much ado was made in the nineties when Marvel Comics' biggest names revolted and founded Image Comics, signaling what many consider the high point for creator's rights and independent comics in America. In the Joe Quesada era, Marvel has reversed their fortunes by turning indie comics (especially Image) into a farm league for new talent. The good times continue to roll for the House of Mouse Ideas, as evidenced by these new books announced at New York Comic Con...

"New Media: It's Bigger Than A Blog" panel footage via @FuseBoxRadio

Here's a recording of the New Media Panel at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival on October 4th, brought to you by our friends at the FuseBox Radio Broadcast. Featuring insight from hip hop media insiders who transitioned from print mags like Vibe, The Source XXL and more to digital and social media outlets. A full hour of good stuff for all the musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, bloggers, tastemakers and podcasters out there!

PREVIEW- Ghost #1 featuring sweet art by Ryan Sook!

"Sivion will reach deep with this lesson, make you back up and put down your Smith & Wesson" @SivionDS5

In case you missed it, Deepspace Dallas emcee Sivion recently released the video for Ladies and Gentlemen, the new single from his album Group Therapy, which drops next week. I would have posted this sooner, but I was busy looking for a new master job. Better late than never, right?

FRESH from the planet Brooklyn- @Incksalonius! This chick is NICE! #nowPlaying

There's nothing like discovering a new emcee (new to me, that is). I stumbled across Brooklyn-based emcee/ beatmaker Incksalonius while wasting time on Twitter today. Peep some sounds below...

Your boy @Beefy_Kunoichi talks about his "PART TIME SHUFFLE" project, music and other isht on the Occupational Hazards podcast

Yes... Meiko loves her some DOOM...
That dude James Stanley talks about music, fashion, and all the assorted hooey that goes into the making of his long-awaited comic project Part Time Shuffle on the Occupational Hazards podcast. Click here to check it out.

Shut your filthy mouth and go cop "GOTHAM DOWN" by @JeanGreasy! (((airhorn)))

Jean Grae is one of the dopest emcees on the planet. Yes, she's a girl, and she's hot or whatever, but that's not the point right now... SLAP!!! FOCUS, dammit! I don't have a lotta time! Look, she has a new record out called Gotham Down: Cycle 1: Love in Infinity, and you should buy it. Listen to it below...


I don't really pay attention to DC that much since the so-called "New 52" reboot, which is the only excuse I can give for knowing absolutely nothing about The Movement, the story of a grass-roots vigilante resistance in the DC universe. I'd still be clueless if this cover for #5 by the born-again hard (and GhettoManga contributor) Dan Panosian hadn't caught my eye. But let's back up and check out some previous issues...

#DownloadTHIS "Twenty Duckettes" beat tape by @RobViktum, @M_Slago and Phraim

Anybody need some new mood music for cheap? How does FREE sound? I can dig it... Low Post Music Presents Twenty Duckettes Vol 1 consists of beats made by Vik Uno (aka Rob Viktum), M. Slago and Phraim for just $20 of digging per track. It helps that these dudes are super ill. Don't try this at home...

New this week- QUANTUM & WOODY #4

 Valiant Comics' campaign for GhettoManga Publisher of the Year continues with the release of Quantum & Woody #4, which brings Goat into the series, making the cipher complete...

"Too many features? Please don't start. How can an artist do too much art?" -Homeboy Sandman

Okay, so that dude Homeboy Sandman was on Conspiracy Worldwide Radio last week, and talked about this song Musician, which talks about his frustrations with the devaluing of hip hop, both as a culture and within the context of musical talent...

New Video- "Legendary Day" by Napoleon Da Legend f/ Why the Sun

Here's the video for Legendary Day by Napoleon da Legend with crooning by Why the Sun and production by Niroshima. Video directed by Cyril Mahe. 

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