While I was sleeping, NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENT dropped on Kickstarter.

"ZION I up in the party so you know it's just bliss..."

Lately we've been celebrating the life and cultural contribution of Zumbi, the emcee/frontman for eclectic Oakland hip hop crew ZION I.  My favorite ZION I song is apparently HUMAN BEING, off their 2012 album SHADOWBOXING, because I have been bumping it nonstop for the past few days...

My favorite No Way Home Trailer Moment

Fan Art Friday: Doc Ock

BiGS Volume 1 Release Date

It's official:


Happy Birthday Peppermint Patty!

People often do a double take when I tell them that Charles Schulz is one of my influences as an artist.  His strip PEANUTS, which spawned the wildly popular Charlie Brown cartoons, reveals Schulz's mastery of economy, something I always appreciate in great artists.

One of my favorite PEANUTS characters, the resident wild child Peppermint Patty, is celebrating a birthday today.

Are you a Wonder Woman fan?

Check out this week's Throwback Thursday email, where I colored an old Wonder Woman sketch...

WHAT IF..? Episode 1- Peggy Carter Becomes the Super Soldier

As a Marvel Zombie growing up, I was always aware of Cap's love interest Peggy Carter, but I became a fan of the character when she appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger.   I didn't watch Agent Carter when it was on tv, but watching it once I got access to Disney+ solidified this SHIELD co-founder as a trailblazer for the pantheon of Marvel heroes.

The debut episode of Marvel's new animated series What If..? shows us a universe where she becomes the north star in the superhero constellations.

Rest In Power- Zumbi of ZION I

I just found out that Zumbi of Oakland rap crew ZION I passed away on Friday. No words. Rest In Peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

OGN (P)REVIEW- "RECKLESS VOL 1" by Ed Brubaker + Sean Phillips

My man Michael Lagocki recommended RECKLESS Volume 1 the period detective thriller by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, because he knows I dig 80's detective jawns like Spencer For Hire.  In RECKLESS, we follow a washed-up FBI spook who takes on cases that catch his interest.

Insomniac Rap Show- A few throwbacks

Welcome to The Insomniac Rap Show, where I share YouTube videos until I get sleepy.

Let's start with my favorite Joell Ortiz song:


Prepare yourself to be whisked away to the far east for this brief tale of a possibly supernatural  encounter that I immortalized as this non-physical cat drawing...

Coming Soon To Kickstarter: NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS

We're waiting with baited breath for the next Niobe series from fantasy publisher Stranger Comics, so peep these luscious inked pages from NIOBE & DURA: WRATH OF THE ANCIENTS

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