"I got them go-go-gadgets. So when the Cobra-La come through the floor, I'm putting snakes in baskets..." -Vast Aire


If you're patiently waiting on Jamar Nicholas's all ages superhero graphic novel LEON: PROTECTOR of the PLAYGROUND, you might enjoy to see the rough artwork leading into the genesis of Leon's nemesis Broccoli Rob below! If not, well... it's still down there...

Brandon Graham eats kung-fu posters, shites comics, and fux with one of his heroes...

"I eat posters and steal their power."
-Brandon Graham, explaining how he took inspiration from old kung-fu joints to put together the cover for the Empowered: Internal Medicine one-shot, wherein the GhettoManga favorite cartoonist and KRS ONE acolyte takes on Adam Warren's cheesecake superhero comedy. Peep the cover in question and some preview pages below...

Have you seen this Kickstarter trailer for the 80's style action comedy KUNG FURY? No? CLICK THIS NOW!

Judging from the almost six thousand backers it has already, you may have already heard about the silly ass CGI 80's love fest KUNG FURY, but I'll be damned if I wasn't gonna share what has gotta be the best Kickstarter video ever...

New KING RA animated video by @GoodIdeaStyle coming soon? I can't wait!

“Defending my bars first, never respond to a fucking Kendrick Lamar verse.” -Sean Price

Y'all know how I feel about MegaSean's blue collar raps, right? Here's some Sean Price SoundCloudery...

"We broke Batman's back. We killed Superman." -Rob Liefeld, speaking on the impact of the Image Comics founding.

Just finished watching The Image Revolution, a documentary chronicling the history of iconic creator-owned publisher Image Comics. I went ahead and embedded it for you to watch below

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