PREVIEW- Thunderbolts #168

 I haven't read Thunderbolts for a while, but they put Luke Cage on the cover again, so I'm interested! See how easy that was, Marvel? Anyways, peep a quick preview...

Napoleon Da Legend + Crazy Al Cayne = DOWNLOAD THIS!

OH SHNAP! Napoleon Da Legend and Al Cayne have dropped a dose of medicinal grade hip hop for Free Download in the form of The Sugar Cayne Experiment Volume 1:Napoleon Da Legend.

"My ego is Magneto, snatch your microphones and redirecting your guns..." -@7evenThirty

Shout out to the homie 7even Thirty who spammed me this morning with this track he did with producer Gensu Dean.

Immortal Technique + Mela Machinko = HELLYES!

Besides the fact that I adore Mela Machinko, this song (Natural Beauty, from his latest EP The Martyr) is a great introduction to Immortal Technique, for people who might not be able to dive into his sonic tirades head first, feel free to toe the water with this track...

"Gettin' older now, daughter three years old, plus the world's a little colder now..." -CientifiQ

Those sons of guns at DVZN Media hit my inbox with the latest video from Central Texas emcee CientifiQ, and I was drawn in by the Wu-tang sample and the blue collar sensibility. Peep Steel produced by A Better Tomorrow...

start the day off Right w/Napoleon Da Legend

Napoleon Da Legend is easily my favorite new emcee (new to me, anyways) of this year. I don't know how long he's been rhyming, but he instantly impressed me with his golden-age-worthy lyricism and the breadth of his subject matter...

PREVIEW: Saga #1 by Brian K Vaughn + Fiona Staples

After creating two of the illest comics concepts of the new millenium (namely Y: the Last Man and Ex Machina), Brian K. Vaughn has earned his spot on the "Name You Can Trust" list. So when I saw that he had a new creator-owned sci-fi/fantasy series coming from Image, I thought you might wanna know...

PREVIEW: "Sacrifice #1"

This looks dope. That dude Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real) and newbie Dalton Rose dropped and independently distributed this dope urban fantasy based in Aztec history/lore. There's a gang of covers, and this one (the "Shadow Edition") is my favorite. Peep...

"It's all parts, all Heart and Soul. The red pill is irreversible..." -Playdough

If you've been paying attention at all you had to know this was coming... yeah, I love Playdough, and he loves rapping. It all works out. Here's the video for the title track off his latest album Hotdoggin'...

Deviant of the Day #112: Blunt Brown

Painter, Illustrator, emcee, and who knows what else... I can't overstate the skills of Pomona, California based phenom Blunt Brown and I don't intend to try. Here's some art...

Some good news (and bad news) for my wife

My wife loves Ross Campbell's genre-bending girl-centric OGN series Wet Moon, so she will be pleased to know that Ross has wrapped up volume 6. That's the good news... She won't like the bad news any more than I did, so I figure I'll soften the blow by showing some random artwork from the new joint first!


Everybody already knows I love CHEW, the story of Tony Chu, a federal agent with the power to get psychic impressions from anything he eats. Here's a preview of the latest issue:

"Rurouni Kenshin" Production Photos

peep some production photos for the new Rurouni Kenshin movie!

IN STORES NOW: Batwing #4

I've been hearing really good things about Batwing, which chronicles  the adventures of the so-called African Batman. Peep this preview of issue #4 by Judd Winnick, ChrisCross, and Ryan Winn...

Preview- Villains for Hire #1

This comic is populated by bad guys I know from Marvel Universe, Spiderman & His Amazing Friends and 80's X-men, this time as protagonists. So, y'know I HAD TO post it...

"But other than that, they long for me to go on, On my birth certificate it states A STAR IS BORN." -MC LYTE

When I was a kid, MC Lyte was one of the flyest emcees out there. Here's a couple of my favorite joints real quick...

Ladies and gentlemen, we HAVE a winner!

Start the day off Right w/@SkiBeatz, Stat Quo & Nicole Wray

Yesterday was payday in our house, so I took my girls out to eat on some 2 for $20 type isht... even though that's nothing, it felt so good to just leave our worries behind, laugh, eat, and enjoy each other's company. Reminded me of this track Amnesia off Ski Beatz's triumphant 24 Hour Karate School Part 2...

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