Word to @EdPiskor: The Hip Hop/ Comics Connection

The Hip Hop/Comic Book Connection by Ed Piskor

This blog exists mostly because I think the connection between hip hop and comics is strong enough to draw like-minded individuals to my particular brand of art and blah blah. Besides all the references to hitting like Thor's hammer, smoking Kryptonite, and invoking the name of Johnny Blaze (or Johnny Storm for that matter) for poetic effect, the popularity of comicbook heroes (super and otherwise) outside of the medium is soaring as well, and hip hoppers continue to drop references for those that have an ear to hear.
A tip of the hat to Pittsburgh cartoonist Ed Piskor for this strip analyzing the connection (or at least correlation) between the two. Special shout out to Jamar Nicholas, whose post on Facebook/Tumblr sent me chasing after this particular wild goose.


LostWars said...

Dopeness. I always felt that hip hop and comics have a lot in common. The style, the technique, the creativity, the diversity, the quality, the imagination, not to mention the fun. Put old-school gaming in the mix and you got the chill time trifecta.

samax amen said...


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