Some good news (and bad news) for my wife

My wife loves Ross Campbell's genre-bending girl-centric OGN series Wet Moon, so she will be pleased to know that Ross has wrapped up volume 6. That's the good news... She won't like the bad news any more than I did, so I figure I'll soften the blow by showing some random artwork from the new joint first!

Okay, so the bad news is this issue isn't coming out any time soon...
"The book will be released October 2012." Ross revealed on Deviant Art. "I know it's a long wait but there's nothing I can do about it..."  I would be inclined to tell you to write feverish angry letters to Wet Moon publisher Oni Press, if they weren't responsible for so many comics I like.
Anyways, Ross has indicated  that he'll be leaking a chunk of Wet Moon 6 on the web, so stay tuned for more news about that. As an added pick-me-up, here's a page from Glory, the monthly Image/Extreme book Ross is drawing (which comes out in February2012)...
I wrote about the Extreme comics revival a while ago... click here for more about that.



Arkonbey said...

I haven't gotten into Wet Moon except for the random art over the years. Of course, the random art is full of awesome. Every time I see something he's done I think: DANG! Ross Campbell can draw!

My wife is jonesing hard for Shadoweyes Unmasked, so I see your late release date and raise you an not-yet-started comic ;)

Ross' problem is he's too full of awesome for one guy to keep up with.

samax said...

yup. I became a huge fan almost instantly. He's mastered the medium. Ross has already amassed an impressive body of work and he's still young...

ross said...

@Arkonbey: thanks!! :)

@Samax: thanks so much for the plug, man!! always appreciated. i gotta send you and the missus some free swag one of these days...

anyway, it does blow about Wet Moon 6's release, so frustrating! i hope running a portion online will be worthwhile. and i hope volume 6 will be worth the long wait! so much pressure. O_O

samax amen said...

We will wait patiently. I know we'll enjoy it!

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