New Character Sketch of One of my first Original Characters

To the extent that people know my work as an artist, they know me primarily as a freelance illustrator.  But before I ever managed to get anyone to pay me for sequential work, certainly before I ever got my hands on any digital coloring tools, I created this character and wrote, drew and lettered comics (in pencil only) for my own pleasure and the entertainment of a few of my high school classmates. 

This is my first time drawing him in over twenty years.  It felt good...

Start the Day Off Right with DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE

Accomplished independent cartoonist and proud Philadelphian Jamar Nicholas (LEON: Protector of the Playground, Detective Boogaloo) posted the video for Brand New Funk, my personal favorite song from DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE, on Facebook on Thursday.  I wound up listening to it many, many times last night, and now I'm sharing it with you. 

My MOST POPULAR Image of 2012

Samax here!  Yesterday Facebook Memories pointed out that the Phoenix Jones comicbook page below was my most-liked image of 2012.

#KickstartTHIS comic- MINE TO AVENGE: The Book of Layla #3

If you're not familiar with cyberpunk horror tour de force MINE TO AVENGE: The Book of Layla, you can cop all three issues via the Kickstarter that launched on October 30.  Peep the promo vid below.

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