2017 marked the triumphant return of Boston-based microphone masters The Perceptionists (separately Akrobatik and Mr. Lif), and their summer is heating up with the impending release of Low Resolution: The Paten Locke Remixes.  Here's a free single Lemme Find Out for an appetizer

DC Gives YOUNG JUSTICE Fans What They Want...

Nothing taps the rage button of American toon heads faster than mentioning the cancelling of fan-favorite superhero action show Young Justice on Cartoon Network.  So when my dude Lateef shared this first-look video of clips from Young Justice's triumphant return to television on the GhettoManga Facebook page, I started imagining my friends' reactions.

T'challa's sister SHURI gets her own book (again)

Following the record-melting success of the BLACK PANTHER movie this year, Marvel is smartly rolling out a new series starring the Wakandan Royal Family's tech genius, Shuri.

MENACE REALLY wants to get a beat from DJ Premier...

Today I ran across this hilarious track The Preemo Plan, in which Dallas-based emcee-disk jock DJ Menace concocts a scheme to get 20K to buy a beat from venerated Gang Starr producer DJ Premier.

Only CYBORG Can Stop Ultraviole(n)t John Stewart in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE!

 Comic book dream team Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez are holding it down on their new JUSTICE LEAGUE book, based on these pages from Justice League #3...

A few words about the late, great Steve Ditko

We at GhettoManga are heartbroken to hear about the passing of the mighty Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-man, Doctor Strange, the Question, the Creeper, Shade the Changing Man, and Hawk and Dove.

#WuTangTuesday- HOLLOW BONES

Hollow Bones is one of my favorite Wu-Tang Clan songs, for which I flipped an old Ghost Rider sketch from my sketchbook.  Enjoy...

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