Chicago Bears Defensive lineman Israel Idonije + Bart Sears + Ron Marz = The Protectors #C2E2

 No matter how many projects he does that I don't like, I always get excited when I see Bart Sears is working on a new comic. His exaggerated anatomy and bold action scenes made a huge impression on me in the early nineties, and it's always good to see someone of his caliber getting more work. So anyways, here's a preview of The Protectors #0, the new joint he's working on with Chicago Bears D-lineman Israel Idonije and Ron Marz.

What do you think of Vertigo's Django Comic?

 Some of the spirited debate surrounding Tarantino's ultraviolent blaxploitation/spaghetti western Django Unchainedhas died down, but thankfully DC/Vertigo is keeping the party going by publishing an adaptation of Tarantino's original screenplay for the slavery era shoot-em-up. Here's some pages from issue 3, which is in stores already...


 This hella tight wraparound cover by the mighty Dave Johnson would be reason enough to slap down loot for Shadowman #0 when it comes out next month, but this special prequel issue also reveals the secret history of the Shadowmen, and the origin of the undead necromancer, Master Darque. Peep a couple variant covers, and a short preview of this issue below!

Wonder Wo... I mean WARRIOR WOMAN Joins Misty Knight's Fearless Defenders in issue 3

 Fearless Defenders writer Cullen Bunn is taking the Wonder Woman mythos back to its roots in Greek mythology, casting Hippolyta (the Golden Age WW, and mother of Princess Diana) of Themiscyra ("Paradise Island" in the DC canon) as the mighty Warrior Woman.  Peep...

New "Bored Freebies" video by Shinobi Stalin and Rice Master Yen

I'm always happy to get new isht in my email from Orlando-based emcee Shinobi Stalin, but was especially pleased to get this new video Bored Freebies, which teams Shinobi with German producer Rice Master Yen. I only became aware of Yen last month, but it seems like he's working with all the underground dudes I follow...

Peep this pic of MF DOOM rocking our "De(a)f Jam (RUN DMC tribute)" tee! #notReally

"20/20 hindsight in the limelight. Love is blind, right? Gotta get my mind right" -Napoleon Da Legend

Here's a sharp new video for Dancing in the Rain, the new single off Napoleon Da Legend's new album Awakenings. This video (directed, edited, and filmed by Edson Florez) helps illustrate the song's message about how past negative relationships can impact present and future ones.

Brandon Graham draws "Betty and Veronica"! Sorta...

 That dude Brandon Graham posted these pages on his blog that he drew recently based on a Betty and Veronica comic. Because I am who I am, I swiped 'em and posted them below for your viewing pleasure.

Want Chibi Diety T-Shirts? CLICK THIS

 I'm a christian, so maybe it's wrong to want a t-shirt with Shiva on it that says "Create. Destroy. Rinse. Repeat." or a shirt with Jesus surfing (with no surfboard) that says "Shit happens. Miracles do too"... but DAMMIT, the fine folks at Your Faith Looks Familiar have seduced me with their Chibigod-powered message of religious tolerance...

#nowPlaying that chopped and screwed "Requiem" remix by @AWKWORDrap

The love/hate relationship between drugs and hiphop culture is long and complicated. With the influence that mollies and promethazine syrup have on popular rap, Awkword decided it was a good time to drop this "sarcastic pro-drug-slash-drug-PSA song" The Requiem...

Preview- FIONA & CAKE #4

We all love Finn and Jake, but the gender-reversed world of Fiona and Cake is red hot! So the people are feeling the new Kaboom! series Adventure Time With Fiona & Cake big time! Here's a preview of issue #4...

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