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 I'm a christian, so maybe it's wrong to want a t-shirt with Shiva on it that says "Create. Destroy. Rinse. Repeat." or a shirt with Jesus surfing (with no surfboard) that says "Shit happens. Miracles do too"... but DAMMIT, the fine folks at Your Faith Looks Familiar have seduced me with their Chibigod-powered message of religious tolerance...

"Take 2 tablets daily" -Momo

"My bad..." Beel

"Take the world by the balls" -Nino

"Shit happens. Miracles do too." -Jay C

"Create. Destroy. Rinse. Repeat" -Shivs

"Happiness begins with HA!" -Bu
Your Faith Looks Familiar is a non-prophet organization that roots for coexistence and diversity, both of which I'm a big fan of. Also, chibi versions of supreme beings and their representatives are encouraged. Click here to visit YFLF and cop some shirts!
peace... -samax.  


corance said...

That's hot! I like that.

samax amen said...

Yep. Must have list got a little bigger.

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