Atomic Boobs FTW

here's another 5-page preview of Invincible (#65, courtesy of the fine folks at CBR) which features a heartfelt moment between Invincible and his girlfriend Atom Eve. ole boy's in a sling after last-issue's battle royale (you should see the other guy), and apparently this issue is primarily gonna be a pause in the action for the writer-artist team of Kirkman and Ottley to tally up all the characters they offed in the world-smashing Conquest story arc. click the pic for a peek at the best superhero comic in the Universe, people (you'll know what i meant by that title once you read the preview)!


EzekielRawlins said...

Just picked up the first Invincible Ultimate Collection due to all the reviews you've done about the book. Have to see I'm enjoying it so far.

Samax said...

word. i replaced a whole lotta mediocre comics by just reading Invincible instead. it's my favorite superhero comic by a mile!

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