the MAYHEM continues...

Tyrese Gibson's foray into comics is well under way, even though the book doesn't officially hit stores until August 6th (this wednesday). Tyrese hit San Diego Comicon in a big way, selling thousands of copies of a special variant made just for the convention. but the Singer/actor didn't stop there. today, he signed leftover copies for anyone who came in or called to the Golden Apple to order. in one hour's time, they sold 75 copies of the signed variants at $10 each. why do I care? because Tyrese is doing what the big publishers should be trying to do: bringing people into a comic shop who have never been in one before. Tyrese and company have already broken the single store preorder record, but they ain't resting on that accomplishment. dude is relentless! now he's intent on driving more fans into stores for the August 6 debut date. i'm sure after the book drops, he will start pushing for reorders, and sales of #2... stay tuned.


NubianQueenCandice said...

I just called and ordered 5 Comics while you were @ the Shop for my Great Nephews to go with their Barack Obama Autographed books..... YES EVERYONE THIS MAN IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!He came on the phone just to say THANK YOU!!!!!! Take the $2.99 you'd spend on your Star Bucks and GET A PIECE OF HISTORY PEOPLE!!!! YOU WILL NEED ATLEAST 3, One to Save to never be touched with your board and bag, One to Read and on to show to EVERYONE YOU SEE!!!!!!!!!!!! AUG 5th!!! LET'S GET THIS!!!!

RodBuddah said...


Mustard spread hard! The PLANET must spread the word. Good looking Samax.

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