"if you're lookin' for a Brooklyn Jam

Here's one ya might like about a mic and a man..."
if you know where that line comes from, i tip the fitted to you and can promise you, if you miss that New York isht as much as I do, you need to click the pic to download that Barak Yalad joint The Brooklyn Report Vol1 presented to you commercial (rap) free by DJ Hard Hittin Harry! this Rawkus 50-certified dread is a classic grimy-yet-conscious spitter that will remind you what you used to get from hip hop records that you couldn't get anywhere else! this isn't corny radio thuggery, nor is it the sweetheart rap you play around your gramma (less nanna likes Boot Camp, Das or Redman)... Yalad is a true hip hop lyricist, pouring his gravely verses over beats that are suitable for block-crawling and head-knodding alike. if you're anything like me, this joint will make you frown... in a good way! if you like it, peep Yalad's mySpace for more of that raw.

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