Brandon Graham's urban comicbook nerd wet dream KING CITY finally drops into comic shops next week!

after waiting what seems like forever, i'll finally be able to shake a fresh copy of Brandon Graham's King City #1 in the faces of the nonbelievers! yeah, it will be reprinting stuff i already have in the lonely Tokyopop OGN Brando dropped a coon's age ago, but i don't care! the list of stuff coming out these days that really inspires me to keep drawing comics is a short one, but dammit, King City is on that list! you buy the criterion collection of The Royal Tennenbaums... i'll buy King City in OGN, monthly, and Image TPB and we'll call it even, 'kay? i'm a religious zealot for this book, and if you read it, i PROMISE you'll understand why! whatever i need to do to help this book perform at least well enough to keep going, i'm happy to do!

sneak peak at new art from King City #5.
there's a SWEET review of King City in the next issue of ghettoManga Quarterly, so if you haven't pre-ordered yet, there's another incentive, doubting Thomas!

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