In stores now- "COLLIDER" by Oliver & Rodriguez

 My homeboy Robbi Rodriguez has a new book hitting shops today called Collider, written by Simon Oliver with Robbi on art. From what I can tell, Collider is a superhero comic with an indie slant coming out of DC's venerable Vertigo imprint...

You a fan of Misty Knight, Valkyrie, and/or female superheroes in general? Cop "FEARLESS DEFENDERS "

Your girl Valkyrie goes hard in these preview pages from Fearless Defenders #7, son...

I'm LOVING this new BOOG BROWN video "Polaroids"

If I was anywhere near as cool as people seem to think I am, I would be married to a female emcee. I'm not that cool, but I can at least PRETEND Boog Brown is talkin' about me in this video, right?

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio interviews A + from Hieroglyphics, J-Zone, Count Bass D, Jon Connor, Sacha Jenkins and more

Montanna and Menace, the hosts of my favorite hip hop podcast dropped another massive six hour episode of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, including in-depth interviews with  Jon Connor, Sacha Jenkins, Chuuwee, A+ of the mighty Hieroglyphics crew, J-zone, and more. PLUS, you'll get blessed with tons of brand new hip hop records from America and the UK.

That dude Chuck Collins has a new webcomic "TRIBORO TALES" on AFROPUNK!

I've been a fan of Chuck Collins ever since I read his post-apocalyptic urban fantasy comic Dread Society X a few years back, so I was pleasantly surprised to see his art on this hip slice-of-life webcomic Triboro Tales which is written by Keith Miller. I snatched the first episode for you to check out below...

This preview from the latest issue of Robert Kirkman's INVINCIBLE had me messed up!

Invincible fights his alternate self-eating cannibal doppelganger, and his dimension-hopping enemy Angstrom Levy holds our hero's pregnant girlfriend hostage in this preview of Invincible #104... 

"Be a father to your child before your sons waiver. Let's keep it extra plair, Yeezus cain't save ya..." -Bavu Blakes

I don't have a son, I have a daughter. But yeah, embedding parenting advise in random rap singles? That's what's up.

Is Robert Love and David Walker's sci-fi comic "Number 13" getting the live action treatment?

I am straight bugging off this proof of concept trailer for Number 13, the live-action adaptation of Robert Love and David Walker's post apocalyptic action comic of the same name, not just because it looks ill, and not just because it stars a stone-grilled black boy, but because I think this would be great for independent black cinema and for black comics.

I got my copy of "Song of Songs: The Manga Series" paperback today!

I went to my P.O. Box today and was pleased to find a copy of Song of Songs: The Manga Series waiting on me. This book is one of the most faithful and sincere blends of comics (or in this case, manga) and hip hop you will ever see...

Deadpool + Blaxploitation + Cage & Fist = Deadpool #13

 Wow. Just... wow...

#nowPlaying "Wake & Bake" by Rice Master Yen and Crusa

German producer Rice Master Yen's jazz-laced beats give his playlist the feel of a vintage YO! MTV RAPS marathon. It's really struck a chord with Jersey underground emcees like GM favorites like Venomous 2000 and King Ra, which is how I came to know him...

the "GLORY: WAR TORN" paperback by Joe Keatinge & @RossCampbelll drops this month! I'm excited or whatever...

I was EXTREMELY excited to hear about the release of GLORY: WAR TORN, which raps up the high-octane ultraviolent re-imagining of Rob Liefeld's otherworldly ultimate warrior (who just happens to be a badass chick) Glory, as told by Joe Keatinge and the mighty Ross Campbell. Ross's wraparound covers for the trades are worth the price of admission, and War Torn shows off Glory's little sisters, and her battle cat Beleszava...

Preview- "WORTH" by Aubrey Stitterson and Chris Moreno

 I just found out about this awesome comic Worth, written by Aubrey Stitterson with art by Undead Celebrities contributor Chris Moreno! Worth examines the ways in which technology has changed our world, via the life of an aging superhero with power to talk to machines...

These bad girls look SO GOOD in this preview of "RAT QUEENS" #1! Art by the mighty ROC UPCHURCH!

I'm already a fan of Rat Queens artist Roc Upchurch from his work on Vescell, so hopefully this book new book Rat Queens is a testament to his super-speed or something and not that Vescell is cancelled. Whatever the case, this fantasy-based badgirl comic looks dope!

In stores now- BLACK HISTORY LEADERS trade paperback

Paula Deen versus Black Jesus

Alfonso Amey uses the program ToonBoom to make his cartoon Black Jesus. In this episode, Paula Deen prays for forgiveness, and is surprised to get an answer from Black Jesus.

#nowPlaying "Smoke & Mirrors" by P.A.T.

I heard this song Smoke & Mirrors thanks to my brother Al Cayne's post on This joint is by Fort Worth emcee and fighter jet mechanic Patrick Barnett (aka P.A.T.), and takes a shot at the bullshit image of rap promoted by corporate radio and television. Bravo...


Green Lantern John Stewart + Bernard Chang on art = HELL! YES!

Check out this fabulous preview art from Green Lantern Corps #21 & 22 featuring your man John Stewart and some insanely dope art by top-notch veteran illustrator Bernard Chang!

For all the Nicki Minaj fans (You know who you are!)

I cannot say much about Nicki Minaj, whose music I am blissfully ignorant of. But I know kids can't seem to get enough of her shit, and her influence on her legions of hyper-glam fashion clones is undeniable. No matter what you think of her rhymes, the lady totally deserves her own comic...

In stores now- Shadowman #8

Batwing's getting white girls in trouble again...

I have no idea what's going on in Batwing... I wish I did. But anyways, you should read this preview anyways...

"Amerikkka's come a long way, but it's still got a long way to go..." -Ice Cube

Here's a brief interview with (n)Ice Cube off OkayPlayerTV.

Hip Hop Martial Arts Comic KUNG FU SKRATCH is BACK for ROUND TWO!

Adrian Engmann's manga-inspired fight comic KUNG FU SKRATCH is back on Kickstarter once again, and I got some in-progress preview art to share with you,  so check it out!

Gotta increase my pledge on @VacantComic's Kickstarter so I can get this EXCLUSIVE @RossCampbelll Print!

Around this time last year, I wrote a review of Heather Nunnely's fledgling sci-fi webcomic Vacant, promising to back it on Kickstarter if and when she completed her first story arc. Two weeks ago, despite my chronic brokeness, I kept my word. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can afford to raise my pledge so I can cop this Kickstarter Exclusive print of Ross Campbell's interpretation of Vacant's star, Commander Hayze.

Rest in Peace to the mighty Jim Kelly

James Milton Kelly (May 5, 1946 – June 29, 2013)

Kevin Killebrew's short film "A Killer Surprise" gets a 10 on my WTFometer...

I am at a loss as to how I should lead into A Killer Surprise, this short film written, directed and produced by video game voice actor Kevin Killebrew, so I will just say that it is hands-down the weirdest shit I have watched on Youtube in a long time. Maybe ever...

"When everybody's rappin' and every song's 'classic', you can't tell the difference. What's dope? What's average?" -Jabee of Negro Smiling

Man... I just became aware of Negro Smiling, the multi-state true-school hip hop crew produced by my favorite Nashville to Dallas transplant, the mighty M. Slago... Peep the audio fire below then cop the free download of the EP Negro Please with my compliments...

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