I got my copy of "Song of Songs: The Manga Series" paperback today!

I went to my P.O. Box today and was pleased to find a copy of Song of Songs: The Manga Series waiting on me. This book is one of the most faithful and sincere blends of comics (or in this case, manga) and hip hop you will ever see...

Song of Songs is about a fun-loving group of young carefree hip hop heads that have a serious wake up call when one of their group, Kay, is kidnapped by Bello, a monstrous local gangster. Her boyfriend Isaiah enlists his friends and extended network of street cats to arm up and get her back.The book, which was sold in traditional full-color comic book format (or "floppies" as the kids like to call 'em nowadays), is being re-released in 180-page black and white right-to-left manga volumes...

As long-time readers know,  I've been following Song of Songs the Comicbook for a long time, so I've read these pages before, but I LOVE how they look in black and white! The new manga format book is beautifully printed with a glossy color cover. I just got it, so I haven't had a chance to read it through yet, but there is rapping, fighting, and romance to spare! Once I get to sit down and read it through, I will give you a proper review, but since I have read it before, I can easily recommend that you  click here to go to the website and order a copy
The anonymous author has expunged his name from the book and his website, hiding in plain sight in true graph-writer fashion, so you might think this book is some kind of corporate effort, but I assure you that Song of Songs is created, written and drawn by one cartoonist, and that it is a labor of love. We fux with that here at GhettoManga.


Antony Drossos said...

Why would the creator remove his name from the book? Is it at least protected by a copyright?

samax amen said...

Yeah, he is operating under the name of the comic as it's own business entity. This cat has always operated under an alias anyways, so I never knew his real name, only his alias (which I did not include, since he clearly doesn't want it included).

When I combed through his website looking for his name as I was writing the post, he has removed even that alias. He has gone so far as to redact it CIA declassified document style from postings of reviews from the site as well.

I actually find it charming. Everyone wants to be famous in 2013, even people who don't do anything. This cat just wants to get his story out there... That's what's up!

Valade said...

I remember Calmplex showing me copies of the original color Issues, and just ordered my Copy!
Can't wait to get this in my hands, and I LOVE the Anonymous Creator concept...

That's LOVE for your Story!

Glad I saw you post about this one man, Thanks!

samax amen said...

Word. My crew used to use multiple aliases all the time, much to the confusion of our fans! LOL!

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